Ballet Jumping Exercises to Tone and Stregthen the Legs

ballet jumpingBallet is a very demanding dance style. It is also a great way to get fit and lose weight. Ballet is about being graceful while still powerful. You need to be able to jump and leap but make it look effortless.

This is certainly not a workout, it is just one exercise. But if you find skipping hard this exercise is a good replacement as less coordination is required – and no rope either.

This short video below teaches you how to do a basic ballet jump. The positioning of the feet and knees means that this will help to reduce impact on the joints and is therefore a relatively safe exercise to do. If you perform multiple jumps it burns energy at a rate similar to skipping, and skipping is one of the best ways to burn energy and lose fat.

In this exercise the teacher gets the students to do just 8 repetitions after the first practice. You could start with 100 a day and then increase to 500, 1000, 5000 etc. etc.

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