Is the Organic Food Diet all Baloney?

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Organic: Is It Healthier?

A recent study has revealed what many people have suspected for a long time – organic food is not any better for your health than conventional food grown using herbicides and pesticides.

The organic food market is huge, with many families happy to pay more than double the standard price for some products, such as organic chickens and organic eggs.

Organic vegetables and fruits are also being supplied in greater numbers by farmers, and the public are lapping it all up. Why?

Because they have read that it is healthier to eat organic. But where is the evidence? Which research concluded that organic was best? It seems now that there was never any conclusive proof that organic food is better for us.

The recent study was organized by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They looked at thousands of records dating back to the 1950’s for various different foods.

The research revealed that organically and conventionally-produced foods contain very similar levels of nutrients, including in vitamin C, calcium, iron and essential fatty acids (Omega 3). There were cases of increased nitrogen content in conventional foods, however the researchers said that these increased levels posed no health risk.

However, many people buy organic for reasons of animal welfare, environmental reasons and taste. There is not currently any data on the reasons why people are buying organic. But the message is clear for those that are buying organic food for health benefits – Don’t Bother!

Do you eat organic food? Let us know your thoughts on this research, and your reasons for buying organic.

2 Comments on “Is the Organic Food Diet all Baloney?

  1. I’m not sure if the nutriënts are actually the difference with organic foods, organic should be at least less ‘polluted’. These pollutants in turn break down or counter the nutriënts present in the food. There’s growing proof these “herbicides and pesticides” are not at all safe for consumption in almost any amount.

    If you ever tried home-grown vegetables next to industrial vegetables you’d most likely “felt” the difference. A TCM practicioner would say the life-force is intact in organic foods while it is damaged in industrial foods.

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Yes, definitely more research is needed to really understand how herbicides and pesticides react with the plants and to what extent they are stored, and what harmful effects they may have on us after eating.

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