Jesse Eisenberg’s Fitness Regime – Cycling and Healthy Eating

Jesse Eisenberg wearing a red capJesse Eisenberg is the Creator of Facebook. OK, he is just an actor. But for many youngsters that have grown up with Facebook as a standard part of the Internet, as familiar as Google or Wikipedia, Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg, the real creator of Facebook is the first time that they hear anything about the mysterious person that developed the World’s most popular social networking website.

If you have seen The Social Network then you will note that Jesse Eisenberg is not your stereotypical unfit, overweight computer geek that spends his day coding, eating chips and drinking soda. He is often seen running frantically from one place to another to tell somebody something (why didn’t he just send a text from his phone?). He is in pretty good shape. So, how does he stay fit?

Cycling, and Little Else

Jesse Eisenberg admits that he does not do fitness really, he is not a member of a gym and does not have a personal trainer. Also unlike many other celebrities, he loves to cycle everywhere. He admitted in an interview that he lower half is pretty fit with well toned legs and powerful thighs, but his upper half less so.

“I ride my bike maybe 30 miles a day. Not for exercise, just to get around, and that’s my favourite thing to do.” Total Film, Dec 2009.

This really highlights well that it does not really matter what you do to keep in shape, so long as you do something. Eating a healthy diet that is well balanced and does not provide too much energy (calories) is the biggest challenge for most people, but if you do this and remain moderately active then you can easily manage your weight.

It is very likely that if Jesse Eisenberg stopped cycling everywhere, maybe because of increased media attention, then his weight may rapidly increase while he tries to find an alternative way to exercise. I would be a real shame if the paparazzi force Jesse Eisenberg off his bike and into a car.

2 Comments on “Jesse Eisenberg’s Fitness Regime – Cycling and Healthy Eating

  1. Finding something that you like to do and is good exercise is the key. One without the other is usually not going to turn out so well. It pretty much boils down to: If you enjoy it you’ll keep doing it. If you hate it, you’ll find a reason to stop.

    Pretty clear cut so find out what sort of exercise does it for you and just keep on at it!

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    That really is the key. Another reason to get children interested in sports, athletics and other activities from a much earlier age. I have a friend that was introduced to middle distance running by her teacher when she was 10, and 25 years later is running marathons. Schools play a vital role in giving opportunities to kids which they can carry on into later life. I only discovered martial arts when I was 18, and that was the first time I got fit. Before that I had no interest in sports. If they taught kung-fu at primary school…..

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