Katy Perry Was Addicted to Junk Food

Katy PerryKaty Perry is in great shape and showed off her figure during her recent performance at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. She is a singer-songwriter with roots in gospel music. Brought up by Christian pastor parents she learnt all about strict lifestyles early on.

She is famous for wearing quirky clothes, but always looks stunning in them. Now she is married (to wild man Russell Brand) it is half expected that she will gain weight, but she manages to keep her great figure. How does she do it?

Katy Perry’s Diet

Katy is not superhuman, so like the rest of us she has to be careful with what she eats to maintain her sexy figure.

Katy used to be addicted to junk food and had a very unhealthy diet. She now follows a simple but effective diet system – out of site out of mind. The idea is that you ensure that there are no snacks or any food that is not allowed around you where it can tempt you. If you do not see food you are less likely to feel hungry.

Katy is also doing the Pasternak 5-Factor Diet – a diet system that many celebrities have now adopted. Although we do not know all the finer details of her diet we do know that her daily meals generally follow this format:

Breakfast – Crushed oats with apple and a whey protein shake – essential carbs and proteins
Lunch – Chicken with vegetables or a salad with black beans – healthy lean meat and more healthy carbs
Dinner – Brown rice with chicken teriyaki – slow release carbs and lean protein

The key is to keep calories to a minimum, eat low GI foods and lean proteins. Simple but again, very effective.

Diet Does Not Have To Be Complex

Katy Perry’s diet really goes to show that a diet does not have to be complicated. Eating small portions of healthy foods is enough to keep anyone in shape. Losing weight is always much harder than maintaining a healthy weight, and if you only gain a few pounds then it is easy to lose that weight again.

Katy Perry Exercise Workouts

Katy performed simple home based exercise workouts to stay in shape. Like all people in her industry most of her fitness comes from dancing. But she also likes to skip rope to stay in shape – taking lessons from pro boxers. Skipping is one of the most calorie intensive workouts you can do, and also so simple.

She also do some bodyweight exercise to tone the rest of her body. She just exercises for around half an hour a day. A little bit of exercise every plus a healthy diet is good enough to keep the fat away.

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