Dee Snider Loses 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks!

Snider performing in Manchester England 2006
Snider performing in Manchester England 2006. Photo by Pavel Rybin.

Twisted Sister’s front man, Dee Snider, has recently lost 20 pounds and started to regain his youthful figure. Snider, now 58 years old, has been the Twisted Sister front man since 1974. The band are still rocking today.

Like all middle aged men he gained weight as he started to slow down and enjoy life’s comforts. With some gigs lined for 2014 up he decided he needed to take action and tone his stomach down and stop things jiggling about. He wanted to be more rock, less roll!

Dee Snider sought advice from old friend Debbie Gibson and her partner Dr Rutledge Taylor. They set him about on a new diet and fitness regime to help pack on some solid muscle, burn fat and generally make him a fitter and healthier person.

Dee was inspired to get in shape after watching some old concert footage. He told the National Enquirer (Feb 2014);

“I was recently watching a rough cut of a new documentary our group made and noticed that not a show went by without me stripping down to the wait and rocking out. The realization his me that I hadn’t rocked out like that in 20 years. Even though I was in shape, I was definitely not in “shirtless shape”.

Dee followed a very strict diet which involved cutting down on carbs, stopping all dairy, sugar and also oils. Aim, reduce total energy intake to force fat burning.


Dee said that he really did only minimal workouts, mostly push ups and some abdominal exercises. He managed to lose around seven pounds a week.

The result? Dee is now very proud of his body, and said “my muscles are just popping” and that he was in the “best shape of my life”.

Dee must have been on a very calorie restrictive diet. In the long-term this would not be healthy, but for the sake of shedding 20 pounds in three weeks to look good on stage, it is probably OK.

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