Ashanti Does The Lemon-Pepper-Maple Fast Diet Plan

Ashanti in Malibu. Source: Instragram
Ashanti in Malibu. Source: Instragram

Ashanti recently shared photos of herself bathing on the beaches of Malibu via her Instagram page and has suddenly become a hot topic.

If you do not yet know her, she sung “Foolish” on her very popular debut album Ashanti in 2002, and has produced many albums since and also appeared in several movies (John Tucker Must Die, Christmas in the City)  and made many television appearances (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Army WivesLaw & Order: SVU). She is certainly in amazing shape. She

How does she maintain her figure?

Well, some reports suggest a pretty unhealthy diet. She apparently stopped eating food and only drank water and cayenne pepper. This is what Beyonce did for around 10 days to lose some weight in 2006 to lose weight for Dreamgirls.  It is very important to point out here that she probably only did this for a few days, a week at most, to lose a very small amount of weight. Ashanti has never been very overweight.

She told ContactMusic: “I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days”.

Ashanti eating ice cream
Ashanti eating ice cream

She did also say that the diet was not totally strict, explaining that when she got really hungry she ate fruit. She lost a total of eight pounds and has managed to keep it off.

However, her diet is not always perfect. She enjoys an ice cream, and recently shares a photo of herself eating a large ice cream sundae.

Ashanti Instagram pic
Ashanti Instagram pic

Gym workouts

Ashanti also does regular gym workouts to stay in shape and keep fit. She works her abs hard and also does full body workouts to tone the rest of her body.

She is lucky to have here own home gym so she can use the treadmill or exercise bile whenever she wants. She also has weight training equipment which she uses to do compound weight training exercises that are ideal for women.

She is certainly a very curvy woman and her diet and exercise regime has not resulted in her losing her curves. She knows how to maintain a healthy body shape that she can be proud of, and that is why she is so great.

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