Ariana Grande The Little Red Vegan

Ariana Grande on Cosmo
Ariana Grande on front cover of Feb 2014 Cosmopolitan

Ariana Grande is an American actress and popstar from Florida, often referred to as Ari or Little Red. She is a tiny 5 foot 1 tall (155cm) and weighs around 104 pounds (47 kg), giving her a BMI of 19.6, which is very healthy. Her first major television role was in Victorious on Nickelodeon in which she played Cat Valentine. In 2013 she released her first album, Yours Truly, from which the hit singleThe Way comes. Ariana Grande was born in June 1993. Ariana is appearing on the February 2014 cover of Cosmopolitan!

Ariana Grande’s workouts

Ariana is very young and lives an active lifestyle. Her work and her naturally healthy vegan diet mean that she is unlikely to gain weight. She does workout though and enjoys doing dance workouts while listening to Nicki Minaj‘s music while doing her cardio, which is usually on an elliptical machine.

Dance provides Ariana with a good workout and also ensures that she practices her moves for concerts and music videos. She says that she always dances in a 5 inch heel as it helps burn more calories.

She also goes running and has a dog which she takes out on regular walks / jogs. She loves hiking when she has time and also meditates to keep herself balanced and free of stress and anxiety. She says that she jobs up to the Hollywood sign every weekend too.

She also enjoys cycling. In August 2013 she tweeted that she had been on a 10 mile bike ride on one of her days off.

Ariana Grande’s Vegan Diet

Ariana is a vegan which means that she eats no meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, butter, cheese or yogurt. Many of the tips we give about lean proteins from animal products are not relevant for Ariana. She only turned vegan in November 2013 – she announced the change on Twitter on 5th November 2013, posting: “I’ve eaten organically since I was little and always kept meat minimal but today marks my first day as a 100% Vegan!!!! Joyous day.”

Before turning vegan she was already a huge fan of whole foods and avoided red meat.

“I love @wholefoods so much there actually aren’t words. just fruits and veggies and sesame tofu and friendly, peaceful people everywhere.” Ariana Grande, 10 Jun 13.

Her diet consists of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and soya. For a guide on veganism for athletes (and for general fitness) read our page “Why Vegan Athletes Keep Winning“.

Ariana has said that she really likes fresh coconut, coconut water and green juice. Green juice is packed full of really nutritious vegetables and is great for your health.

Important information about veganism

Veganism can be very healthy if done correctly. However, it is very easy to develop an unhealthy diet with bad veganism, and poor nutritional choices during the teenage years can have repercussions later in life.

Veganism has been linked with malnutrition in children and youngsters – although this is only when people have devised their own “vegan diet” which is based on a normal western diet, but without the animal products.

It is vital to ensure that all macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients are consumed as part of a healthy diet, so animal fats and proteins need to be replaced with alternatives to avoid muscle and bone wastage. This is one of the reasons why Arianna drinks green juices and a lot of coconut water – to get the extra vitamins and minerals needed. Always consult with a qualified nutritionist or speak to a doctor / dietician before radically changing your diet.

But … Salmon!

She told Shape magazine in February 2012 that she eats salmon almost every day. It is not clear at the moment how she is coping with her new vegan diet!

In 2011 she had already given up red meat, saying “I’m not vegan but I don’t eat red meat!” on 9 Aug 11 on Twitter.

Ariana Grande’s fitness role model is Madonna, although she has not mentioned following Madonna’s lead when it comes to intensive yoga workouts.

Ariana’s advice to all is:  “Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise daily, and meditate!”

As well as being on Twitter (@ArianaGrande) she also has her own website:

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