Weight Training – Squats, Bench Press, Bent-over Rows and Curls

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 27/02/2009 – 11:54pm

OK, so this evening I got back into the garage and did some weight training. It seems that I keep writing the same post over and over, i.e. “I have started again!”. I last got back in the garage on November 23rd, 2008 when I partially destroyed a cabinet after a weight training accident. I was unhurt, but my book case was upset somewhat.

So, what prompted me to start again today? Well, to put it simply, I managed to get fat, again. I weighed in at 95kg yesterday, and decided that I HAVE to do something about it. I went to bed telling myself that I would start on the Atkins Diet again today, but woke to find nothing suitable to eat, so had muesli. Went out and had scrambled eggs with salmon on wholemeal toast for lunch, followed by my son’s leftover cheese on toast, then some ice cream. It was nice.

This evening I have a protein shake, then did my weight training, then had another protein shake. Finished off my Weider chocolate muscle drink, and now ready to crack open a large container of Body Fortress Muscle and Weight Gainer. Lets hope that it packs on muscle and not fat!

So, what did I do? The usual basic “core four” workout. I did not warm up enough for the squats, and soon felt tight in the inner thighs, as if I pulled something. That has passed now, so no damage done. I decided to go for more reps and less weight as I was beginning again.

I did about 50 bodyweight squats, then attempted some with bar, but soon felt a twinge. So I moved on to the bent-over rows, and just used a 30kg bar. Did several sets, alternating slow, steady lifting with faster plyometric lifting.

Then did my inclined bench presses with 30kg. Managed 4 or 5 sets before failing. Was tiring. After this, it was 20kg EZ-bar curls. Curls always make my heart thump harder than any other exercise for some reason. Odd, as lifting the lightest weight.

Felt tired after the session. Oh! Almost forgot, once I got in from the garage I did 40 sit ups too. Will make a habit of sit ups after weight training.

I enjoyed it. It felt good to be exercising again. Tomorrow I am planning to go and see my old martial arts club, as they are having a get together to celebrate bringing 5 medals back from the 2009 WAKO Full Contact British Championships. The 5 Elements fighters brought back a gold medal, 3 silvers and a bronze. W

In Recovery – Aching Muscles – Pain in the Neck

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 02/03/2009 – 9:46am

My weight training session was a success, I know this because my muscles were agony over the weekend. Triceps were especially bad, I actually found it hard to sit up.

I have been drinking plenty of the muscle building whey protein shakes, and I do feel that these have actually helped with the recovery. However, I have managed to catch another cold now, which although is not that bad, it has caused me terrible back/neck pain. Basically I was sneezing my head off on Sunday morning which resulted in me pulling something in my upper spine. Maybe connected with long hours slumped over a keyboard, either way, my neck hurts now.

I was planning to do my next weight training session this evening, I just hope that everything is working by then.

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