Tesco Health & Wellbeing Closing Down

Tesco Health and WellbeingToday, Tesco Health & Wellbeing announced to members that it is closing down the Tesco Health & Wellbeing site and app on May 15th.

Tesco has provided a good service over the years to its members who want to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy food and exercising more. They did this through their Tesco Health & Wellbeing, Tesco Realfood and Tesco Living brands.

Tesco Realfood and Living

Tesco Realfood will continue to provide over 1,400 healthy recipes, all for free, and Tesco Living will still be available for free healthy living advice.

Alternatives to Tesco

In Tesco’s announcement they suggest several excellent alternatives that members can subscribe to and join to continue to receive diet, nutrition and exercise advice.

Here are their suggestions:

  • Noom – offers the ability to track foods, exercise and weight along with a vibrant and supportive community area
  • MyFitnessPal – offers the ability to track your food and exercises and is a very popular service with both mobile and PC services.
  • Fitocracy – This specialises in fitness tracking.
  • Slimming World in the UK and Unislim in Ireland. Two great weight loss clubs that provide a personal service in a national setting.

Of course. another brilliant resource is MotleyHealth!

I had not heard of Noom before today; it looks pretty good. The focus seems to be on planning healthy eating in a calendar. There are some interesting success stories on the site plus a lot of good advice.


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