Back in Training after a nasty Stomach Bug

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 06/11/2007 – 12:15am

Tonight was my first kung-fu class in two weeks. Wednesday before last, my son developed a stomach bug, and I decided to take Thursday off work to help look after him. I woke up on Friday morning suffering quite badly with gastroenteritis (my wife actually called a doctor as I was so bad – the first time I have ever had a doctor visit me at home). I spent all of Friday in bed (or on the loo). I only left the bed at 10pm to watch QI and Jonathan Ross, then went back to bed. Then I spent all of Saturday in bed too, with aching muscles, fever, and unable to eat. I started to feel better on Sunday, and actually went in to work on Monday, but had to go home again. I was off work on Tuesday, and finally made it back on Wednesday. Still not 100% now. But I did drag myself to my kung-fu class (I skipped the kick-boxing, as there was no way I felt up to such a physical class).

The kung-fu class was pleasant, and a reasonably easy class. We did some shadow boxing, which was slightly odd, as we do not usually do that. In fact, I do not recall ever doing shadow boxing before in kung-fu. Then the usual drills, but finished with something new. We did some neck exercises, which are performed by lying on your back, while a partner gently places their palm on your forehead. You then just lift your forehead. Very quickly the neck starts to tire. First my throat was sore, and then the back of my neck. By the time we finished I could not actually lift my neck off the floor, and was sort of stuck. Luckily Sifu Tony decided to demonstrate some massage techniques on me to help realign the spine, and they certainly worked a treat. After several clicks and crunches, my neck and back felt better than it had in some time. I think that I will request more treatment!

Looks like there is another kick-boxing grading (and maybe kung-fu too) coming up in December. Maybe if I can stick to the plan, I will grade. Also need to start running again too though, as the Great Baddow 10 Mile Charity Run is not very far away now, and I have not been for a run for several weeks.

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