6 Times When You Should Take A Break From Regular Workout

mother and child working out togetherMoms try their best to stay on top of things. There are so many responsibilities that modern mothers have to accomplish. Some even feel pressured to burn excess weight and calories. If you started a good exercise routine and you’ve been disciplined, you’re on the right track.

However, the phrase ‘exercising regularly’ doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to take breaks. As moms, it’s normal to rest—even from exercising. When you need one, take it without feeling guilty.

To understand when these breaks are warranted, here are six instances:

You’re Sick

It’s a good idea to observe and to listen to your body, especially if you feel sick or when you’re coming down with a fever. On these days, you could relax and take the time to let your body heal. Otherwise, it might worsen your sickness.

According to 28’s recommendations, and other trainers or fitness enthusiasts, it’s fine to exercise if the pain is above the neck. But it’s also good to be cautious by going to a doctor and asking for their opinion. If the rest of your body feels unwell, then you should take it easy for a couple of days.

You’re Extremely Stressed

Exercise is believed to be a good stress reliever. But as a mom, there are instances when pressure piles up one after another. Try as you may, you might not have the strength to keep up and follow through with exercise anymore.

In this instance, it’s alright to take a breather and relax. It would help to have a break to recuperate. Remember that when you exercise, your heart rate goes up. When you’re stressed, it wouldn’t be good to raise it more.

You’re Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation is real and common, especially for moms. No matter how hard you try to have a good night’s sleep, there might be days when it’s hard to accomplish. When you’re weak because your body is sleep-deprived, hit the bed and not the gym.

Give your body and mind time to recharge. It’s pointless to force yourself to exercise when you’re not physically well enough. Plus, exercising when you’re running on empty could increase the risks of injuries and accidents.

You’re Sore All Over

Conditions like fevers or illnesses could be terrible for your exercise routine, but so are aches and injuries. Post-workout, your body might get sore, especially when you’re starting to get used to the physical activity.

Some days, the soreness might be manageable. But there are also days when it feels too unbearable and uncomfortable to move around. Note that the soreness could mean that your muscles are adjusting, depending on your current workout routines. Rest could help your body repair the damage, even if it’s small breaks between the workout routine.

You Had Dermatological Treatment

When you finally have time off from your kids, you might want to pamper yourself. One way to do this is to visit your dermatologist. But directly after your procedure, you may be advised not to exercise yet.

Some dermatological treatments such as Botox, fillers, and microneedling could require you to avoid exercise. For some facials, your skin might benefit from downtime for a few days, so refrain from sweating and exposing your skin to the sun.

It would be beneficial to ask your dermatologist to explain why exercise isn’t allowed during that period. Hearing them give a medical explanation can be more insightful, particularly when they tell you the possible side effects.

You Just Finished A Marathon

To the supermoms who’ve just finished a marathon, give yourself a break. You’ve trained intensely on days leading to the marathon. The more physical stress you experience leading to the marathon, the longer the time you’ll have to relax.

You’ve ticked an athletic feat off your list, so give yourself time to celebrate. But leave the crazy celebrations for when you’ve recovered. Sticking to something more laid-back at home or in the spa could also commemorate the occasion while recovering your strength.

When you’ve been exercising religiously at least four to five times weekly, taking a day or two to relax won’t hurt your progress. You don’t have to overdo your exercise because it won’t be good for you, too.

There are so many instances when you can enjoy that break. You could feel at ease and take a breather, use that time to play with your kids, or have some me-time. When you set your mind and body in order again, you could go back and be productive with your exercise routine.

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