27:40 Minute Jog and Some Martial Arts Training

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 05/12/2007 – 12:24am

Last night I managed about 90 minutes of martial arts, with 30 minutes of kick boxing followed by an hour of kung-fu. It was enough for one night. The kick boxing involved a lot of intensive cardio work, and the kung-fu was relentless as usual.

Tonight I headed out for another run at about 10pm. I almost did not go out, but I knew that if I did not run tonight, it would be the start of that slippery slope to failure. So I headed out. It was tough, but all my own fault. I guess that my legs were tired from last nights martial arts, but the main problem was my poor diet. Today I had bacon, beans and hash brown for breakfast, then a huge burger with bacon, cheese and onions, with half a plate of chips, for lunch. This evening I ate a ham sandwich, then a mince pie, and some chocolates. So all in all, a pretty unhealthy day.

When I headed out on my jog I was feeling bloated and gassy, and it was a struggle indeed. I belched my way around half of the route, and was out of breath, my legs were sluggish, and I was sweating like a pig. But I did improve as the run progressed. I started to increase the pace once the belching stopped, and I did have a good workout. I ran for 27:40 minutes, which was a slow run for the route I took (incidentally, the same time as the last time I ran that route, which was another difficult run).

I am glad that I went for the run though, and I do feel better for it now. My weight is still the main problem. I read last week that every extra kilo of weight slows you down, so in my case, it is surprising that I manage to run at all!

I will not give up though. AS Nike say, Just Do It, and Just Do It I shall.

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