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Lemon and Lime DetoxSubmitted by Peaches on Sat, 16/04/2011 – 1:41am

Day 1:
I began the Lemonade Fast/Master Cleanse Monday, April 11th. My main concern was my addiction to coffee and whether or not I would be able to give it up. Surprisingly, I have not had any and coffee or cravings. I prepared the lemonade mixture a day in advance. Monday Morning I made the salt water mixture,however I was unable to drink the entire portion. I managed to consume 1 1/2 glasses, about 16ozs. After rapidly purging, I began drinking the lemonade, and although I love spicy things, I thought the taste was going to be a challenge for me. I managed to drink 8 glasses throughout the day. I experienced slight headaches, which I attribute to the caffein withdrawal. I was a little irritable today. Overall it was a good day. The laxative tea in the evening was acceptable.

Day 2:
April 12, 2011. This morning I was able to increase my intake of the salt water flush, however I think it’s very nasty and too salty. I am using 2 teaspoons pure sea salt to 1 qt water. I was able to drink about 24 ozs today. Still no problem drinking the lemonade, in fact, I am beginning to like the taste. I’m using 1 cup fresh lemon juice, 8ozs Grade B Maple Syrup, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and 3 quarts purified water. Today I did not experience hunger pangs nor any coffee cravings. However, I have headaches on/off, but not too bad and I became a little more irritable.

Day 3:
April 13, 2011. Could not tolerate the salt water flush this morning… the taste is too aweful for me. I was only able to drink about 16ozs, but it still flushed my system. I’m not experiencing headaches and I am not craving coffee or food. In fact, I’m not hungry and I’m having a problem drinking the recommend glasses of lemonade (8-12 glasses a day). For the most part I’m getting in 8 glasses. I’m seeing weight loss as I weigh myself after awaking daily, and before consuming any liquids. So far I have lost 5 lbs and I seem to have also lost the irritability.

Day 4:
April 14, 2011. Today I passed on the salt water flush. Just could not imagine drinking it. I will resume sometime on the weekend. I hope. I’m enjoying the lemonade and am feeling full throughout the day, I literally have to force myself to drink it so that I won’t become dehydrated. I do not miss food at all and I’m pleased with how I feel. I feel energized and was able to complete 15 minutes of teadmill walking today. Although I take the laxative tea every evening before going to bed, I noticed that I am not having a movement daily. I guess this is because I’m not eating solid food. I’ve never been that regular anyway, so I’m going to monitor that.

Day 5:
April 15, 2011. To date I have lost 8.5 lbs. Yippie! In addition to the weight loss, I feel happier, vibrant, and I can see a change in my skin. The oil is surfacing, which I expected, but my face looks clearer. I’m not experiencing the foul breath yet, however in the mornings I could probably kill a mocking bird!!! Because I’ve read about the foulness, I am conscious about brushing 3 times a day (teeth and tongue), and rinsing throughout the day with mouthwash. Today I have noticed two dark spots on one side of my tongue. Seemingly this is an indication that my body is detoxing. So it’s a good sign. I’ve read that some people even get a fuzzy tongue… I don’t want that, but I’ve been looking out for it. I’m full all the time and still have to force myself to drink at least 8 glasses of the lemondade. I’m enjoying this fast, because I really do feel focused and energized. I think I’ll achieve the results I’m looking for. I plan to continue for 15 more days, for a combined total of 20 days. Then I will break the fast accordingly with orange juice for a couple of days, vegetable soup for a couple of days, fruits and veggies for a couple of days, and then I will begin to eat light, sensible, smaller, healthy meals. I am doing this to change my eating habits as I’m now 50. I want to lose about 35 lbs overall, but not within these 20 days. I plan to eat sensible and exercise regularly to reach my desired weight. Meanwhile the 8.5 lbs feel great and I can’t wait to see what else happens. I will resume the salt water cleanse on tomorrow and Sunday. Doing without coffee does not pose a problem for me at all, and I am someone who previously dranked about 60 ozs of coffee a day. Since I’m not craving it, I plan to discontinue coffee altogether following this fast. I’m so surprised by this, because I am a connosseur of fine coffees! Amazing!

Lemonade Fast

Submitted by Peaches on Sat, 16/04/2011 – 1:50am.

I was just informed that my breath STINKS! OMG!

Lemonade Fast, update…

Submitted by Peaches on Mon, 18/04/2011 – 3:11pm

Day 6:
April 16, 2011. Began the day with the salt water flush, however I could only take about 8 ozs before feeling like I would throw up, so I therew the rest down the drain. Not hungry at all today, but I imagined all the food I look forward to eating (in smaller portions of course) in the future. Funny, I watched TV today and there are so many food commercials. That Red Lobster ad almost broke me…lol. Naw, I’m cool! It was a good day. Cardio for about 20 minutes. I find I’m sleeping better and have no headaches. I’m really feeling great. Noticed my jeans fit a little looser today! Yay!

Day 7:
April 17, 2011. I felt so full today I could only consume about 7 glasses of the lemonade mixture. The marks on my tongue are dissipating, so that’s good. My so still tells me my breath is foul though. I’m not sure if I can chew sugar-free gum, but I think I’ll do that when I’m around others. I am still brushing and rinsing with mouth wash several times throughout the day. Feeling fantastic!!! My weight is still dropping as I can feel it, but will weight myself again in the morning and post.

Comment by Diana T on Mon, 04/10/2010 – 3:24pm

I plan to undertake the fast for detox and weight loss reasons, so the saltwater flush (2 tsp salt and 1L water) is taken first thing on the morning on an empty stomach. My objective is to unclog all the rubbish I’ve surely put into my system all these years, and lose about 8kg in 14 days.

Day 1 (4 Oct 2010): Started with a saltwater flush in the morning and drank 2L of the lemon/cayenne/maple syrup concoction through the day. I used Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup as that was the only one I could find at the stores. Being a fan of spicy food, the taste was not unpleasant to me, and hunger pangs hit only at about 9pm. During the day, I did some light activity which was probably why my stomach has not kicked up a fuss just yet.

Submitted by Peaches (not verified) on Mon, 18/04/2011 – 3:13pm.

How are you now? Did you keep the weight off? How much did you lose? Have you done it again since the initial fast? Has it caused you to change your lifestyle in regards to eating/exercising habits?

Lemonade Fast… update

Submitted by Peaches on Fri, 22/04/2011 – 12:41am

Well, today is day 11. I’m still doing fine. Not craving any foods or coffee. To date I have lost 14 lbs. I have 10 more days to go, so we’ll see what happens in regard to the weight loss. As far as the cleanse goes, I’ve been unable to do the salt water flush. I still feel more focused and energized than before starting. My skin is more beautiful and I no longer have tongue markings. I’m really excited and doing quite well. My jeans are loose and I no longer see the extra fat on my back. I try to do a little cardio on the treadmill daily, most times I’ll walk on it for 15 or 20 minutes. This morning however, I could only complete 8 minutes, before having to run to the potty.

Comment by Jon on Sun, 24/04/2011 – 11:48am.

Sounds like you have made great progress Peaches. Are you well prepared for ending the fast? Do you have a new diet and exercise regime planned? It is important not to return to your old ways or the weight will certainly come back again.

Comment by krjansen (not verified) on Mon, 06/06/2011 – 2:05am.

I want to lose weight but I am not sure if I could go to quite the extreme you are doing. I do need some food occasionally. Walking a lot works,just not quick enough

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