Diet and Nutrition

These articles provide advice on healthy eating for sports, weight loss and general wellbeing. Diet is vital to health, so we explain what a healthy diet is and how it affects your weight. We also have a growing selection of diet plans.

Try To Stomach Warmed Up Pasta To Lose Weight

I'm Michael Mosley

Not eating pasta is still better than both not eating fresh pasta or cold pasta or reheated pasta….

Mediterranean Diet Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Mediterranean diet plate

Health scientists have concluded that following a Mediterranean style diet can help to reverse Metabolic Syndrome.

Give up pork for better health

pork belly

For centuries Jews and Muslims have banned the consumption of pork on the grounds of health. Although the exact reason why pork was banned is unclear, it is probably because the environment on pork tends to allow bacteria to multiple…

Nutritional Advice For Distance Runners

vegetables for runners

Long distance running requires a great deal of commitment, motivation, and determination. This needs to be applied to both training and competition and in order to compete and train at your best, you need to make sure that you are…

Sugar is the new enemy – We are doomed

sugar cubes

If sugar is the new enemy, we are all doomed.

A to Z of the best foods for runners

Running woman in pink

Running is not only one of the most popular ways of staying fit and keeping weight off, it is also a fantastic sport with many opportunities for amateurs and professionals alike to compete. As with all sports, to perform better…

Royal Marine Commando Egg Diet

Marine egg diet

The Royal Marine Commando Egg Diet is a super-low calorie, low sugar diet that involves mostly eating eggs. It is a sure way to lose fat quickly. Marines find it tough enough, for civilians it is one of the hardest diets. The…

The party is over – Red wine is not good for you


A few years ago a piece of research concluded that drinking red wine was good for us. The evidence was sparse but this did not stop many people using this as an excuse toe guzzle down more in the name…

Lauren Conrad’s super healthy smoothie diet

Lauren Conrad

Smoothies and exercise are all Lauren needs! Learn about Lauren’s green smoothie – nutritious and delicious!

Food not to eat before a workout

Hamburger and French fries in a fast food container

Don’t ruin a good workout with a crap pre-workout meal

What Is A Proper Diet For Lent?

Bruegel Lent

For many people Lent is a time to not only abstain from certain foods but also an opportunity to lose some weight that was gained during the Christmas period. So, what should you avoid during Lent, and what can you…

The Best Protein Sources for Fitness and Bodybuilding

Female bodybuilder preparing protein meal

A healthy diet that supports fat loss and improved fitness needs protein. But not all protein is healthy. Here we share the best protein sources for building muscle and losing weight.

20 best meals for the 5:2 diet


The easiest way to fail a low calorie diet is lack or preparation. He we provide all the meal ideas you need to stick to the 5:2 diet.

2014 Diet Plan: 3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

3 day diet plan - green grapes

If you are looking for a simple healthy eating diet plan, then this three day plan is ideal. It can easily be incorporated into your week, if you wish to make it a regular event, or you can adopt it…

Make a healthy turkey roast for Christmas dinner

2013-12-01 14.38.45

A traditional Christmas roast turkey dinner is easy to make, enjoyable to eat and reasonably healthy. Here is our guide, based on the meal I cooked on 1st December. I will be doing the same again on the 25th. Preparing…

The Alkaline Diet smells a bit fishy

Fresh vegetables

There is a good chance that snake oil scores high on the pH scale.