Diet and Nutrition

These articles provide advice on healthy eating for sports, weight loss and general wellbeing. Diet is vital to health, so we explain what a healthy diet is and how it affects your weight. We also have a growing selection of diet plans.

Food not to eat before a workout

Hamburger and French fries in a fast food container

We have covered the types of food you should eat before and after a workout, but what about the food you should not eat? Some food will sit heavy in your stomach, some will cause bloating and excessive burps. Some…

What Is A Proper Diet For Lent?

Bruegel Lent

For many people Lent is a time to not only abstain from certain foods but also an opportunity to lose some weight that was gained during the Christmas period. So, what should you avoid during Lent, and what can you…

Is Bare Naked Foods the answer to obesity?

barenaked noodles

This week’s Dragons Den (BBC TV, UK) saw an ex-fitness instructor present his new health food idea to the Dragons. The food is low sugar, gluten free noodles and pasta, and the company is called Bare Naked Foods. The company…