Diet and Nutrition

These articles provide advice on healthy eating for sports, weight loss and general wellbeing. Diet is vital to health, so we explain what a healthy diet is and how it affects your weight. We also have a growing selection of diet plans.

Grain Bars Before Dinner Aid Weight Loss

a grain bar
New research published today may cause a bit of a stir in the nutrition and weight loss communities. It seems that eating grains (yes, the high carb, high energy food that is apparently really bad for us) may actually aid…

Diet For People With Type 2 Diabetes

If you have developed Type 2 Diabetes you have probably been informed by your doctor of the need to improve your diet and ideally start to take regular exercise to help manage your condition. Type 2 Diabetes is degenerative, which…

The Raspberry Ketone Diet

Raspberry ketone 4-4-Hydroxyphenyl butan-2-one
There is currently no medical evidence that raspberry ketone works as a weight loss aid. In addition to the lack of any scientific evidence, little is known about the possible long-term side-effects of taking raspberry ketone.

12 Common Dieting Mistakes

A woman eating a sub sandwich
Losing weight and maintaining that weight loss, while also remaining fit and building muscle is often more of an art than a science. Everyone is different, and so we all respond to different combinations of foods and workouts to attain…

Why Vegan Athletes Keep Winning

A few years ago we covered a story about how one family followed a vegan diet with unfortunate consequences. To help rebalance this we felt it is time to write something more positive about veganism and fitness. There are many…

A Beautiful Tool For Health and Fitness

String beans
The Glycemic Index was described by Dr. Atkins as “A Beautiful Tool“. It is used by diabetics to help manage blood sugar levels and is also a key reason why the paleo, stone-age and primal diet systems all aid weight loss…

Some Healthy Facts About Dietary Fat

Health food choices that contain fat
Dietary fat has a bad reputation. The human diet has contained rather a lot of fat for a long time. Lard, dripping and butter were once common place in kitchens, mothers would bake cookies, cakes, pies and flans on an almost daily basis for their families. Then the western world was suddenly gripped by rising reports of heart disease in the 1970’s and fat was blamed. But was that fair?

40 Years of Atkins – Atkins Diet Review

The question that many people ask today is this: Is the Atkins Diet safe? The Atkins’ Diet Revolution was first published in 1972, 40 years ago. Ever since then, the dieting community have been split into two groups – those that…

8 foods worse than white bread

a bagel
We know that eating white bread is bad, the sugar in the bread is digested quickly and literally goes straight to our hips! However, this week Shape Magazine have published Carbs Without Cause: 8 Foods Worse than White Bread. This provides…

Dangerous Diets

Every year we hear reports of people becoming ill from following extreme “diets”. In some rare cases the diets prove fatal. While many products are regulated and sometimes banned, ideas, misconceptions and bad advice cannot be so easily controlled. Some diet…

Does Green Tea Really Aid Weight Loss?

Recently there has been increased interest in “tea diets”. Sometimes referred to as Green Tea Diets, but more recently marketed as Wuyi Tea Diets, these so called “diets” use effective advertising tricks to sell tea to vulnerable people on the…

A Guide To Workout Nutrition

Fitness instructor holding a protein shake
If you are exercising intensively you need to start thinking about nutrition. Whether you are trying to lose fat or build more muscle, or both, then getting your diet right is vital for success.

The Red Meat Debate – Is It Safe?

Red meat has the potential to be very important in our diet. It is a rich source of protein, which is essential for athletic development (muscles) and also contains iron, zinc and phosphorus, plus vitamins B12, thiamin and roboflavin. Red…

Diet and Heart Health

Over the years much research has been carried out to examine the relationship between diet and heart disease. Many studies lead to the idea of “superfoods” to prevent heart disease developing, however, these reports are generally misleading. Some studies have…

Sugar, Carbohydrates and Your Health

Sugar still remains as one of the most misunderstood part of our diet. On one hand it provides vital energy for healthy body function and fuels the brain, on the other hand it often contributes to calorie excesses and weight…

How Super are Superfoods?

The media love reporting news of superfood discoveries, but is there really any such thing as a superfood? The fact is, often the foods are not all that super at all. Sensationalist reporting just makes them seem super.

Not Another Forking Fad Diet!

A fork next to some salad
It seems that the nation that gave us the first well structured diet plan for some time, the Dukan Diet, has now opted for a slightly more faddish diet craze. In France they call it Le Forking or Le régime…

The DASH Diet Plan

DASH diet
There have been various studies looking at different dieting methods in recent decades. One of the most important ones simply determined that all diets work equally well in the long-term when people stick to them. For example, low carb /…

Glut Recipes To Shrink Your Gut

Growing your own vegetable can be fun and also provide you with a healthy supply of vegetables and fruits. However, sometimes you get a glut and it is hard to know how to use it all before it goes off. Here are some healthy glut soup recipes that will also help you to lose weight.

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit smoothies are possibly the healthiest drinks you can have. Made with fresh fruit, they are high in vitamins and nutrients and easily digested. Here we share our favorite fruit smoothie recipes, including Triple Strawberry and the Banana, Kiwi and Pineapple. Zesty, vibrant and delicious these smoothies provide an excellent source of energy and vitamins.

Health Benefits Of Eating More Broccoli

It turns out that the humble broccoli is not so humble after all. In fact, it could well be one of the most important and mist readily available “super foods”. Its secret ingredient is called sulforaphane which is thought to reduce damage at the cellular level.

The Dukan Diet – The French Weight Loss Diet System

The Dukan Diet was developed around the same time as the Atkins Diet Revolution and follows a similar pattern – an intensive induction period of around 2 weeks called the Attack Phase, then the Cruise and Consolidation phases that are aimed at developing a healthy diet in the long term. Like any diet system the key is to follow the diet through each stage until the end, and then carry on eating healthily.