2021 goals

Hitting Your Fitness Goals in 2021

It’s a new year and that means new years resolutions abound. A new year is arguably one of the best times to begin a new habit or form a new lifestyle change as there is an atmosphere of new beginnings all around. One of the most common new years resolutions each year is achieving one fitness goal or the other. 

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5 Benefits of Making the Move to a Retirement Community

For those that are already retired or starting to plan for their life after work, deciding whether to stay in their family home or move to a retirement community is a huge consideration. You may have more time following your retirement to dedicate to your gardens, landscaping, and home improvement projects, but some seniors are looking for something more simple.

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woman doing leg presses in a gym

The Truth Behind CBD and Exercise

Many people are incorporating CBD into their pre- and post-workouts and combining it with exercise. To help you understand more and separate fact from fiction, here is the truth behind CBD and exercise. 

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hemp flower cbd

5 Easy Ways to Make Your CBD Last Longer

As someone interested in fitness, lifestyle, and genuinely living a better, happier life it can be hard to select the right supplements and superfoods for your diet – mostly because there are so many different options out there. 

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people using ellipticals in a gym

How To Efficiently Use Ellipticals To Lose Weight

If losing weight is your goal, but doing your exercise routine has become quite difficult to pull off due to quarantine, one solution can be purchasing an elliptical Ellipticals are a great type of exercise equipment because they offer a full body workout that can also help to increase your cardiovascular endurance.

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woman drinking from a white cup outside and smelling the coffee

5 Ways to Maintain Good Nasal Health

Nasal health probably isn’t high on most people’s list of priorities, but if you speak to anyone suffering from chronic nasal obstruction, you’ll quickly learn that investing a little time and effort in taking care of your nose can be greatly beneficial in the long run.

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man working out in gym

How to Stay Safe At the Gym

When we go to the gym, the idea is to strengthen our body as part of our health regime. However, there may be times when going to the gym causes you to suffer from injuries.

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man holding stop drugs poster

3 Truths To Remember When Overcoming Addiction

While some people manage to get sober on their own, most people need a little help from professionals. It may feel like a point of pride to avoid seeking out a long term recovery program, but there is nothing wrong with seeking help for your problem.

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