woman with mobile exercising outdoors

4 Exercise Apps To Help You Work Out At Home

An exercise routine is one of the most important parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of us love hitting the gym while others prefer to work out at home. If you’re looking for a few tools to support your home workout routine, these apps might come in handy.

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Dehydrated woman outside leaning against a tree

The Dangers Of Dehydration

You don’t need any convincing about water’s importance for proper body functioning. But, you may need to be warned about the dangers of being chronically and severely dehydrated. Here’s a rundown of the dangers of dehydration:

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5 Ways Traumatic Brain Injury Can Occur

Research shows that there are millions of traumatic brain injury cases every year. There are many ways in which they can occur, but what are the top causes? Here are five of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

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Depressed woman awake in the night

8 Signs Something Isn’t Right With Your Body

No one knows your body well but yourself. You’ll know it when you’re hungry, tired, sleepy, not in the mood, and of course, when you’re in pain or feeling sick. It’s common to feel a little off on some days—you may have an upset stomach, a runny nose, or a headache.  

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Hemp and THC Topicals for Diabetic Foot Care

One of the biggest concerns and fears that people with diabetes face is the threat of infection. The area of the body most prone to getting an infection is the feet. And so, special daily care is required. There is no shortage of creams, ointments, and topicals available for diabetic foot care. 

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5 Tips for Exercising After Surgery

We all know that exercise is good for us, and that stands even when have been ill and are perhaps recovering from a major trauma to the body. However, exercising after major surgery should not be business as usual.

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woman with good nails holding a heart shaped mug

4 Signs Of Healthy Nails

Poor nail health is often associated with poor nutrition and stress, so when your nails break easily and show signs of infection, it is a sign you need to look after your overall health.

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