physical therapist with client

The Amazing Benefits Of Physical Therapy

While many may consider physical therapy to not be a real form of treatment, those who experience it beg to differ. Used by professional athletes and celebrities alike, the practice is known to help prevent and recover from injury, and it’s rise in popularity sees it becoming a way to promote general wellness, too.

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therapist talking to client

Do You Need a Therapist or a Life Coach?

Reaching out for help or support is one of the best things you can do to create a happier, healthier and stronger you. Everyone’s needs are different, so what you have to consider is where you have past issues that need professional guidance, as in this case a therapist is the right person for your needs.

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teenager with head in hands

What Does Anxiety in Teens Look Like?

Anxiety comes in many forms, especially in teens. Anxiety in teens looks different because teens haven’t developed adult coping mechanisms to tough emotions. Their brain chemistry also hasn’t fully developed. Because teens haven’t developed these coping skills, they might not understand what they’re experiencing.

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Tips on Managing Chronic Pain

3 out of 10 people experience chronic pain, which affects their quality of life. The difference between short-term and chronic pain is that while the former resolves quickly, the latter goes beyond three months without a reduction in the degree of pain.

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sporty woman holding her mobile phone

Tips for Healthier Mobile Usage

How are phones unhealthy? From negative effect of wireless internet signals during your deep sleep, bright screens, and radiation, are all detrimental to our health. To help reduce any potential harm to your health, here are a few tips and habits to better use your mobile. 

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woman with mobile exercising outdoors

4 Exercise Apps To Help You Work Out At Home

An exercise routine is one of the most important parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of us love hitting the gym while others prefer to work out at home. If you’re looking for a few tools to support your home workout routine, these apps might come in handy.

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Dehydrated woman outside leaning against a tree

The Dangers Of Dehydration

You don’t need any convincing about water’s importance for proper body functioning. But, you may need to be warned about the dangers of being chronically and severely dehydrated. Here’s a rundown of the dangers of dehydration:

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5 Ways Traumatic Brain Injury Can Occur

Research shows that there are millions of traumatic brain injury cases every year. There are many ways in which they can occur, but what are the top causes? Here are five of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

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Depressed woman awake in the night

8 Signs Something Isn’t Right With Your Body

No one knows your body well but yourself. You’ll know it when you’re hungry, tired, sleepy, not in the mood, and of course, when you’re in pain or feeling sick. It’s common to feel a little off on some days—you may have an upset stomach, a runny nose, or a headache.  

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