old couple cycling in countryside through grass

Stop Saying You’re Too Old

As you grow older, your body becomes used to a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise. Unfortunately, physical inactivity is not the best way to stay healthy in old age.

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man skiing wearing all black

Rehab After Hip Operations

Many people associate hip operations with the elderly, but sometimes many years of active sports and exercise can cause hip joints to weaken, and in some rare cases, hip replacement …

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elderly couple on exercise bikes

7 Reasons Why Seniors Should Stay Active and Work Out

Exercise is important, everybody knows that, but why are you not exercising? What’s your excuse? Maybe you are sick, perhaps you are tired, or you feel like you are too old to work out. Well, these are the fears that keep many older adults from exercising out regularly, which explains why three out of four of those between 65-75 years have given up on any exercise plans.

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