5 Ways Life Improves After Alcohol Rehabilitation

Although it is understandably difficult to make the decision to enter a rehabilitation program for alcohol abuse, you owe it to yourself to make this life-changing decision. Here are five ways that your life will improve after alcohol rehabilitation.

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Conquering Coronavirus Sleep Issues

The lockdown lifestyle has had a massive impact on our lives – in particular, on our sleep. No longer is it early to bed, early to rise. Instead, people are staying up later, sleeping in and watching a lot more Netflix.

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The Gender Divide in Nursing

Efforts have been made in industries around the world to promote gender equality in the workplace, but the fact still remains that the number of men choosing a career in nursing remains extremely low.

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young happy black woman wearing red top

The Essential Guide To Feeling Good

To combat how you are feeling, you need to revolutionise the way you think about life. Rather than putting your hand in the biscuit barrel and sitting down to watch Netflix every evening, you need to consider how you can make yourself feel good once again.

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nordic walking for over sixties

A Guide to Staying Active Over Sixty

Maintaining a level of fitness at retirement age is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. There are plenty of ways you can stay active and new sports you can try. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, it’s a good idea to set yourself goals, big or small, and it’ll be very rewarding when you achieve them.

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3 Ways Sports Medicine Can Help You Get Fitter Faster

Science and its applications are practically everywhere, even in sports. You know, training and actually performing in a sporting event is not just about brute force and clever strategizing. A lot of science is actually involved in it. In this article, we present three ways the field of sports medicine is able to contribute to the lives of athletes.

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man with muscle pain

3 Ways to Ease Exercise-Induced Pain

Exercising does wonders to and for the body. Aside from helping sculpt it into the desired shape and contours, a good workout can also provide a much needed immunity boost. There is also evidence that exercise promotes great blood flow, making it easier for the body to process oxygen and nutrients from food.

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happy dogs in the park

5 Ways Owning a Dog Can Benefit Your Health and Well-Being

Our dogs are one of the best things that can happen to our health. Health is comprised of many factors, but dogs hit all of the key points to help lead us to a healthier lifestyle. Physical activity, constant companionship, and even a bit of dirt. It’s always great to find another reason to love your dog!

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Turn Your Fitness Passion Into a Career

If you’re passionate about fitness, the best way you can make money from that is usually by sharing your knowledge and abilities with other people. By teaching, training, and guiding other people, you can find a number of different career paths.

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people working out in weights gym

Returning To The Gym After Coronavirus

Gyms, fitness classes and martial arts schools have closed all over the world in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus, and this strategy appears to be working, with fewer cases reported in areas where there has been a full lockdown. Hopefully we’ll soon see governments give gyms and fitness classes permission to open up again, but when this happens, it is vital that you still take some measures.

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girl on a skateboard

Skateboarding For Fitness

5 tips that you should consider on your first time on a skateboard When it comes to getting around using human powered transportation, there is nothing as cool as a …

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