5 Tips for Exercising After Surgery

We all know that exercise is good for us, and that stands even when have been ill and are perhaps recovering from a major trauma to the body. However, exercising after major surgery should not be business as usual.

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woman with good nails holding a heart shaped mug

4 Signs Of Healthy Nails

Poor nail health is often associated with poor nutrition and stress, so when your nails break easily and show signs of infection, it is a sign you need to look after your overall health.

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CBD hemp oils

Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

It is a natural substitute for some supplements as well as a panacea for various health problems. Some users take it for relaxation after a period of stress while others use it to treat chronic medical conditions involving poor mood, inflammation, and pain.

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man in a powerchair taking a selfie

10 Things You Need To Stop Saying To Disabled People

Many people who meet someone with a disability are quick to go above and beyond to make them feel ‘comfortable.’ However, this may be well-intended but often ends up having the opposite effect. From intrusive probing to unsolicited advice, read on to find things you should stop saying to disabled people.

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elderly person in care home looking at phone

How To Deal With A Relative With Dementia

Today there are a variety of methods and treatments that can alleviate the symptoms of dementia and even significantly slow down the rate of disease progression, so the biggest mistake to make is to take the condition for granted or as a destiny.

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Photo of strong young fitness woman outdoors in the beach make yoga meditate exercises.

How To Use Meditation To Improve Your Fitness

For people who haven’t tried meditation their whole life, they believe that meditation is merely about sitting quietly while closing their eyes and doing nothing. Maybe that sounds very easy for you, not until you actually try it yourself and find out how difficult it is to clear your mind for meditation.

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2021 goals

Hitting Your Fitness Goals in 2021

It’s a new year and that means new years resolutions abound. A new year is arguably one of the best times to begin a new habit or form a new lifestyle change as there is an atmosphere of new beginnings all around. One of the most common new years resolutions each year is achieving one fitness goal or the other. 

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5 Benefits of Making the Move to a Retirement Community

For those that are already retired or starting to plan for their life after work, deciding whether to stay in their family home or move to a retirement community is a huge consideration. You may have more time following your retirement to dedicate to your gardens, landscaping, and home improvement projects, but some seniors are looking for something more simple.

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