Seb Coe’s Running Tips

Seb Coe's Running TipsSeb Coe has provided some good running tips for people training for a half or full marathon. He was trained by Dr. George Gandy, who is a very experienced athletics coach and now Director of Athletics at the Sports Development Centre at Loughborough University. George Gandy has also provided some great running advice focussed more at those just looking to stay fit.

Seb Coe is now IAAF Vice President and has worked closely with athletics all his life. He won Olympic gold for the 1500m in 1980 and 1984 and set 11 world records during his running career.

So, he certainly knows a thing or two about running! His advice is very simple, almost common sense advice, but that does not make it any less important. Lord Coe gave these tips with a half marathon in mind. They are pretty good tips for any distance really.

Buy New Running Shoes

Buy a good pair of running shoes. Simple and obvious, unless you plan to run bare foot. For the race day you need to have run your shoes in. New shoes are no good, but then neither are old ones.

Improve your diet

Diet is important, but should not be made the most important element for running. But, in the days running up to a race you need to start eating more carbohydrates and less protein. Read these diet tips for runners.

Cut back on alcohol

It is really important to drink less alcohol. No need to give up drinking, just drink moderately. One or two beers at the weekend is not a problem, and a pint of ale after exercise does aid re-hydration.

Stay hydrated

Keep drinking plenty of water in the days running up to the race to ensure that you are well hydrated. Well hydrated muscles are more efficient and water is needed to ensure nutrients are transported around the body. Long distance running, especially in hot weather, can quickly lead to dehydration. If you notice an increase in headaches then this is a sign that you are already too dehydrated.

Mental preparation

Get your mindset right. Being mentally ready for the run is very important. Being physically ready makes being mentally ready much easier. There are many self help books dedicated to the mental side of running.

Practice several long and full length runs

If you are training for a half marathon make sure that you are physically ready with some good length practice runs. Before the race day you should have covered about 10 miles in a few runs. Ideally you will have run the full 13 mile half marathon once or twice beforehand. The last big run needs to be at least 10 days before the race.

After the race, just enjoy yourself, enjoy the feeling of competing a race or raising money for charity.

Do not wait too long before running again. The hard work has been done, just keep running to stay fit and then when the next race comes up, you will be able to prepare with relative ease.

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