Low GI Diet Plan eBook

Low GI Diet ebook

Low GI Diet Plan eBook

With New Recipes and Workouts!

Learn how to eat great foods that will reduce your hunger, improve your health and aid weight loss. A scientific based diet used by nutritionists and dietitians.

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Prescribed by nurses and used by celebs such as Britney Spears and Sharon Stone, this is a simple yet effect weight management system. This is the diet which paleo, primal, warrior and caveman diets are all based on. The low glycemic diet plan teaches you how to eat low GI foods to manage your weight.

Also called the slow carb diet, the low GI diet is the most natural way to lose weight. High glycemic foods result in sugar turning to fat lose weight. Eating a slow carb lunch makes you feel fuller for longer, and less likely to snack. But for those time you have to snack, eating low GI snacks instead of sugar laden junk will give you more energy and improve your health.  Our book provides you with the insulin index of foods so that you can manage your diet yourself, as well as providing slow carb diet meal ideas and a low glycemic foods list, the plan provides workout and exercise advice that is perfectly matched to low GI living.

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Book Description

A low glycemic index diet helps you to lose weight for 2 key reasons:

  • It helps you to manage your appetite
  • It encourages the body to breakdown fat more often

What’s Inside?

  • Why a Low GI Diet works
  • Low Glycaemic Index Foods
  • GI Diet Advice
  • Learn About Low Glycemic Foods
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy weight permanently

There is more to healthy eating than just avoiding fried food and eating some fruits. Our bodies require a careful balance of specific foods to be truly healthy. The Low GI Diet Plan will teach you how.

Product details

  • Title: MotleyHealth Low GI Diet Plan
  • Author: Jon Wade
  • Publisher: MotleyHealth
  • Language: English
  • First Published: 2011

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Why A Low Glycemic Diet?

Because this glycemic index guide helps you to change your old eating habits and teaches you to eat the right food that will help you to lose weight healthily.

You will also learn which food you should avoid and which food is good to keep your calories down and your energy level high. It’s not all beans though!

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68 Comments on “Low GI Diet Plan eBook”

  1. Ryan Dior/Actor/writer says:

    Firstly May I start by congratulating you on this very informative site, it is not sales orientated like many others who promise the earth to vulnerable over weight people provided they purchase the many bogus products out there, it gives honest valuable free information, I would endorse this site to anyone hats off to the creator,
    Ryan Dior,
    Manchester UK

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Thank you for your kind comment Ryan, I do strive to provide unbiased and most importantly correct information whenever possible.
    Keep mentioning it to friends and colleagues,
    Take care,

  3. I am post menopausal and insulin resistant from Stein Levanthal. Drs. say that I will never be able to lose weight at this age. What kind of diet that breaks hunger do you suggest. WW has a Purdue U anti-hunger breakthrough diet. The suggested diets include no chicken. I eat no beef or fish. So, it was not very useful. There is very little information for older people.
    Thanks for any information.

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Chicken and fish are really healthy protein sources. It is better to avoid sugar and high GI foods I think. Are you able to walk daily? If so, walk for 30 minutes every morning, and eat a healthy diet, avoid sugary foods.

  5. I am very interested in trying the Purdue University anti-hunger breakthrough plan. I read about the plan in Woman’s World (March 2010). I am wondering if there are any more sample daily menus besides the ones available in this issue. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
    Thank You! ~Kelli

  6. I am slim but i have big stomach, how do i get flat tummy.Thanks.

  7. MotleyHealth says:

    You reduce calories, eat healthy, and exercise. A low GI diet will help manage your appetite while still providing the essential nutrition for intensive exercise.

  8. Hey guys, so I am almost 15 and i weigh about 135 being 5’9″. Lately I have been so hungry all the time. I don’t have a good idea about what foods to eat to really reduce he amount of fat in my stomach. And when I do eat healthy, I can always see the size of my stomach increase right away. I exercise quite a bit for over an hour a day.. But still I am always hungry! Is there anything I can do to stop my hunger and feel healthy again?

  9. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Jade. Two common tricks to reducing hunger are to eat some protein with each meal (it releases a hormone that suppresses appetite) and also to eat soup for lunch, as the volume of soup keeps the stomach filled for longer.

    Or course, you are not overweight with a BMI of 19.9. You may benefit from a change of exercise regime, add more resistance training and bodyweight workouts into your routine.

  10. I have been on a good exercise and diet plan for 3 months. I never drink sodas or have snacks at night any more. I really watch what I eat. However I can not get rid of this last 1″ pinch of fat around my waist. How to do this?

  11. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Phillip. You may just need to increase exercise and see how that goes.

  12. Carol Poasa says:

    In the last 4 weeks I have only lost 1.7kgs..I am doing cardio twice a week, but I find that I am good on most days, can you please cofirm what I really need to do.

  13. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Carol. Have you been reducing calories, eating low GI vegetables and more protein in addition to the exercise? How much exercise are you doing? 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity?

  14. How many calories am i mean to be eating? I am doing 60 minutes moderate – high intesity?

  15. MotleyHealth says:

    That depends on how old you are. The Daily Calorie Table shows daily calorie requirements. To lose 1 pound a week eat 500 Calories less per day, for 2 pounds per week (about 1 Kg) 1000 Calories less. So on the days you are exercising you will be following the guidelines in the low or high activity column, and the other 5 days the sedentary column.

    What is important is that you maintain a healthy protein intake and get those low GI carbs. This combination helps ward off hunger, control blood sugar and prevent muscle wastage.

  16. Patty Boyer says:

    I have an unusual condition that requires me to eat large amounts of salt (relatively). Even so, just about every time my blood is tested, I find I am sodium deficient!! This really seems to complicate most diets, which assume salt causes weight gain… Any answers??

  17. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Patty, really you should get some advice from a registered dietician if you have a medical condition that impacts on your diet is such a way. Salt on its own does not cause weight gain though, but excessive salt is not healthy.

  18. Patty Boyer says:

    Thanks for the info, Marc!
    For Margaret – I am 64, post menopausal and at least somewhat insulin resistant. I have had the problem of almost insatiable hunger. But I just lost 50 pounds in five months with the Ideal Protein diet. It’s probably available where you are. Their website will tell you. You could also try Medi-Fast, which you can acquire online. I do think I may have lost a bit too much for my age, but love not having to carry that weight!!!
    Now I want to go slower, maintain my weight loss, and maybe slowly lose more! And that is why I am here! Good luck, Margaret!!

  19. Hi,

    I started exercising about 2 months ago and I’ve seen tremendous changes in my stomach however I really want abs. My stomach is actually flat but when I sit down sometimes it then gets fat. I really want as little fat on my stomach as possible. How do I do this? Do I really have to go on a low carb diet or is this for losing weight which is something I’m not trying to do.

    Also when I started going to the gym I weighed 116. A month later I weighed 118. 3 weeks later and I now weigh 115. Is this good? My goal is to gain weight/muscle. Is this weight loss a result of me eating low carbs for the last 2 weeks. Or is it a sign that I’m losing fat or that I need more protein and calories. Help. Thanks.

  20. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Jasmine, firstly, well done, sounds like you are making great progress. 2 months is a relatively short time, so certainly be patient and give yourself more time. Cutting down on high and some medium GI carbs could well be the way to go, more lean protein and more exercise and weight lifting will help to strip off more fat. Your weight fluctuations are normal, there is a lot going on with fat reduction, muscle growth and then other changes such as water retention etc. which can confuse readings. Focus on your goals – getting fit, getting slim and revealing that 6 pack. It is not possible to say what the cause of your weight changes are – has your waist reducing in circumference? Taking your own biometrics (body measurements) is the best way to determine if you are losing fat.

  21. Hey, does this really work? Can we still eat chicken, meat, protein? Are slimfast shakes allowed?

  22. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi again Olga! Yes, it does. I have spoken with dieticians during my studies who believe that a low GI approach to eating is the best way to manage weight. The key is the effect on blood sugar levels and how it helps you to manage your appetite. The faster that food is broken down and digested the sooner you will feel hungry again. If you eat high GI food your body breaks it down quick, but it you do not need all the energy you store some as fat (blood sugar leads to insulin release which leads to fat accumulation). When you eat low GI food your body breaks the food down more slowly.

  23. Love all this info! I’m in the same boat with trying to lose belly fat. After having 3 babies in 3 years, I piled on the pounds. I just lost 30 pounds in 3 months eating a 1200 cal/day diet and exercising for about 240 min. a week, mostly on the elliptical. I am now pretty thin, but still have excess belly fat which does not want to leave! Is it safe to drop below 1200 cals a day? I think I need to start making sure those 1200 cals are coming from low GI foods and not just empty calories.

  24. Hi Motley

    – Im George Age 27 current weight is 82kg I like to reduce it until 70kg
    – Everyday for 15-30 minutes, I exercise as soon as I wake up before going to work and also continue exercise after work .
    – I drink plenty of water everyday.. I just drink water…no juice, coffee, tea, etc
    – usually my diet will be like this
    for breakfast I eat 1 boiled egg, raisins, raw almonds, and raw cashew nuts
    lunch/dinner – skinless chicken breast, vegetables
    dinner/lunch – fish and vegetables, more raw cashew nuts and raw almonds

    I usually cooked/steamed the chicken and fish using oven without oil..just using water

    but the weight is still the same,

    what did I do wrong? im not giving up yet.

    I tried to increase the duration and intensity of my exercise but the weight just does not want to go


  25. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi George, you diet looks good, you are lacking in exercise though. 15 minutes is not enough if you want to make some big changes to your body shape. Aim for 45-60 minutes a day instead.

  26. Cheryl Moody says:

    Hi there, I am trying to figure out what I can do about to lose my belly fat, I have had three c-sections all 4 to 5 yrs apart, a hernia repair above the navel, and a hysterectomy back in the beginning of 2010, I work out daily with a high intensity w/ weights and a low carb diet but I can not seem to lose the belly fat, Can someone please give me some pointers on what I can do to help lose this belly fat?

  27. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Cheryl, sounds like you are doing the right things, maybe increase the cardio workouts while maintaining the weight training and healthy eating. Low carb diet is only good if you are still getting some healthy carbohydrate and not over-consuming protein and fat.

  28. Arumugam.V says:

    Dear Sir

    Is it advisable to drink some olive oil every day tom lose weight. Is eating chicken increase the weight.

  29. Arumugam.V says:

    Dear Sir

    I am 42 years old. I have a problem of hair fall. The hair fall rate is very high. In which ever place I sit we can see a lot of hair in and around. More ever after taking bath when I wipe of my head with a towel I could see a lot of hair in the towel. Just two years back i got a lot of hair. Now I am almost tending to baldness. Can you suggest any ways of avoiding this hair loss problem.

  30. MotleyHealth says:

    Olive oil will not help you lose weight directly. Chicken is packed with protein so will help build muscle, if you are exercising. Otherwise it will help gain fat – just like any food eaten to excess.

  31. MotleyHealth says:

    Sorry, apart from being as healthy and stress free as possible, there is nothing you can really do.

  32. arumugam.v says:

    Is walking reduces weight. More ever consuming green tea , ginger and cinnamon really reduce weight. Please reply.


  33. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi, walking does burn calories and there aid weight loss. See our walking plan for more advice on this topic. Green tea may help with weight loss, the jury is still out on that one. It does have some properties that seem to increase weight loss. However, without healthy diet and exercise, drinking green tea will make no difference.

  34. I m Slim But I Have Big Belly And Hips So What I Will Do?

  35. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Alikhan, sounds like you need to improve your diet and get more exercise. IF slim but have large belly then this is a sign that you are not very fit / muscular and have accumulated too much fat.

  36. I’m 42, just developed diabetes, fasting has improved to under 98 and post meals 136. My height is 5ft 6 inches. I weigh 67 kgs. What should me my safe weight. (my belly is 35 inches)

  37. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Fallguy, for 5ft 6 your weight should ideally be in the range 52.1 to 69.8 kg, so you are doing OK really, top end of a healthy weight according to your BMI. Focus on getting fitter and following a healthy diet that helps to control your glucose levels better.

  38. Hi Motley,

    I am quite impressed by reading the comments and suggestions above, and wanting to know some information.

    I am a male of 26 yrs old from INDIA, with a height of 5.11 and weight of 72 kgs, I am Happy a bit with my height and weight, but the only problem is i have a tummy and at any cost i would want to get a flat stomach. My waist size is 34 inches and i would want to reduce it to atleast 30 inches.

    My food diet is, i dont take breakfast, and will have my lunch with white rice, pulses and vegetables everyday and for dinner i take Chapathi (Broun Wheat) everyday. I eat chicken, meat or fish every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) along with 4 to 5 beers (650 ml). I dont exercise as i work in a BPO in night shifts.

    My humble request, Please advice on steps to be taken to reduce my Tummy.
    If i have to follow a diet, please do mention as to what are the food items that i should eat and what i shouldn’t.

    If i have to start workouts and exercises, please write to me and explain me in brief, the workouts to be done.
    Waiting eagerly to hear from you.

    Thank you in Anticipation.

  39. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Tinku, these are probably your main problems:

    1. No breakfast
    2. White rice at lunch
    3. Chapathi every day
    4. Beers
    5. No exercise

    Your diet is very low in protein and low in fruits too. Both of your meals seem to be carb heavy – rice and wheat. This will not aid fat loss as the body will keep producing insulin to allow sugar to be stored in fat depots.

    Working night shifts is not an excuse to not exercise – you can exercise during the day. If you are really serious about getting a totally flat stomach then you have to stop the beers, even if just weekend beers. There are around 1000 Calories in 5 beers.

    What exercise? Pick some circuit training routines. The diet information is all above and more information is here and here.

  40. Firstly, let me thank you whole heartedly for the response given to my query. Thank you so much for the reply. and, yeah! even thanks for the portal provided for my workouts and exercises, i would surely perform those all. I would be even more happy if you can please suggest me with FOOD DIET (Indian Food).

  41. Thank You soooooooo much Motley, you’ve been grateful to me in advising the diet as well as work outs..
    I would surely follow all the above and get in touch with you in case or if found any difficulty or also after the improvement in me..
    Once again a big Thank you..

  42. mercy_tony says:

    pls i will like to advice to on how to lose my belly fat and lose weight too, secondly, my boobs are very small, i don’t know if their is any means to make it grow out. thanks

  43. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi mercy_tony, for losing belly fat, follow the diet plan set out in the book and take regular exercise. There is not a lot you can do regarding the other issue. Learn to love your body.

  44. parth sarthi says:

    my trigleceride level 200, what to do?

  45. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Parth, 200 is the lower end of “high”, in fact anything under 150 mg/L is considered normal. Triglycerides come from food. They are a source of energy. So there are several factors that may need to be addressed:

    1. Change your diet so that you are eating less saturated fat and less sugar.
    2. Increase your activity levels / exercise to help utilise the energy (fat), i.e. “burn it off”.
    3. Cut back, or stop, alcohol.
    4. Eat more healthy fats – foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids – oily fish etc.
    5. If you are overweight, try to lose weight.
    6. More high fibre / low GI vegetables

  46. Hi,
    My height is 5’3″ and weight is 56. I want to reduce 4 kgs and bring my weight down to 52 kgs. I walk for about 40 mins every day and have lost 1 kg, but i want the results soon. Can you suggest exercises to loose weight quickly. Also, how often can chocolates and other sweets be taken if one needs to loose weight.

  47. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Garima. To lose weight quicker you need to exercise more, so start doing more intensive exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming, circuit training etc. As for how often can you eat chocolates and sweets – the only honest answer is, not at all! Lose your 4 kg and then treat yourself to a little chocolate. After that, make it a small weekly treat – get out of the habit of eating it all the time.

  48. Thanks for the reply.
    may be that’s the reason i m so slow to lose weight as i keep eating chocolates or some thing sweet, when ever i feel the urge.. will have to control that.

  49. hello I’m a 50 yr old male. I have weighed within 11 pounds for the last 8 years. I would like to loose 20 pounds. I weigh 225 5ft7. I do tai chi, stretching and lift free weights, aerobics for fibromyalgia which I have had fro 0ver 25 yrs. I’m on meds that can cause weight gain. I have this chronic pain condition but I still remain active any ideas-I am trying to watch portion control and I do eat alot of vegatable and fruits. I replace sugar w/splenda


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