Auspicious Yoga Pose – Svastikasana

The auspicious yoga pose, also know as the prosperous yoga pose, is a classic sitting posture for meditation and an easy one to start with.

Place the left foot against the right inner thigh with the back of the heel to the right side of the pubic bone. The outer edge of the left foot is resting against the floor.

Then tuck the lateral side of the right foot between the left leg and thigh. The right ankle is now to the left of the left ankle, so they cross over one another in the midline (naval line that divides the body into two equal halves, left and right).

In the auspicious pose the ankles are placed beyond the midsagittal plane (midline), so they cross one another, rather than being on top of one another. The left foot is pulled up between the right calf and thigh and the right foot is inserted between the left calf and thigh.

The heels should be far apart from each other, so that the ankles are not direct on top of each other. Pull the left foot up so that it is fixed between the calf and thigh muscles.

Straighten the spine and place the hands on the knees with the palms facing down.

Alternate the foot positions between each yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga Postures: Sanskrit – English

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