Prenatal Yoga Dog Posture

o Sit with the knees and palms on the floor (on the all fours position). Keep the palms just forward of the shoulders and the toes bent in.
o Breathe in and on the out breath lift the buttocks upwards and straighten the knees with the feet on tiptoes.
o Bring the chest towards the thighs, keeping the back and arms in line, this may be difficult as your belly gets bigger, so do not force the chest in as you may not have enough space to do so or you may risk compressing the belly and you don’t want to do that. Let the knees sink down towards the floor, as long as it is comfortable. Hold the position for 30 seconds breathing normally throughout. Keep the neck relaxed and gaze at the navel.
o To come out of the posture lift the heels up and bend the knees, sitting back on the knees and palms (on the all fours position).
o Sit on your heels keeping the head low and arms stretched out on the floor, in the swan posture. Open the knees wide to allow space for the belly.
o Then position the hands beside the feet with the palms faced upward, in the child pose. You may prefer to keep the arms stretched to support the belly more. Relax de shoulders, and then come out of the posture.

This is the 9th posture in the prenatal yoga workout

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