Melissa Ioja’s HIIT Dirty (real time workout)

Melissa Ioja
Melissa Ioja

We have just discovered Melissa Ioja’s workouts on Youtube. She shares bodyweight circuit training workouts that are excellent for burning fat and improving fitness. She does today’s in her backyard, even when her neighbors are working loudly next door.

This is a great workout and includes one-arm mountain climbers, rocket launchers and a lot of skipping. You skip between each other exercise – if you do not have a jump rope / skipping rope do high-knees instead.

HIIT Dirty (real time workout)

There are 20 exercises, each is done for 40 seconds. Repeat the circuit twice. Print out the exercises or watch the video below while you do the workout.

For this workout you need a Ugi ball / medicine ball, jump rope and mat. Melissa uses a Gymboss timer to manage the workout times.

1. One Arm Mountain Climbers (left arm)
2. Jump Rope
3. One Arm Mountain Climbers (right arm)
4. Jump Rope
5. Side Lunge, Jump Squat, Side Lunge (Ugi)
6. Jump Rope
7. Rope Pulls
8. Jump Rope
9. Power Push Ups
10. Jump Rope
11. 10x Toe Taps, 10x Mountain Climbers (Ugi)
12. Jump Rope
13. Plank Kick Outs
14. Jump Rope
15. Rocket Launchers (Ugi)
16. Jump Rope
17. Woodchop Pound (Ugi)
18. Jump Rope
19. Knee Hugs
20. Jump Rope

Melissa runs an online fitness website called Hot Body Method.

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