The Potato Diet – 20 Potatoes A Day For Health and Fitness

Are potatoes unhealthy? They are high GI and are often fried, which makes them unhealthy. However, if cooked in a healthy way potatoes are very healthy.

Chris Voight decided to try a potato diet to help lose weight, and also to prove that potatoes are not unhealthy.

While on the diet Chris lost 21 pounds, his cholesterol dropped 67 points and blood sugar was down 10%. He said that he felt great while on the diet.

The Potato Diet Rules

  • 20 Potatoes a Day for 60 Days
  • Dry seasoning only – salt, pepper, herbs
  • A little oil for cooking
  • Lose up to 20 pounds!

Chris Voight makes it clear that this is not a sustainable diet because it does not meet all your nutritional needs. His message is simply that it is OK to eat potatoes as they are healthy.

Athletes, who are famous for looking after their nutritional needs always, often consume a lot of potatoes. Potatoes are full of vitamins and minerals and also a healthy source of carbohydrate. Some potatoes have been breed for their goodness, such as a the Purple Majesty Potato.

A bodybuilders diet often consists of a lot of sweet potato and red potato, as they are a preferred carbohydrate source over refined grains found in pasta or bread.

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