Sylvester Stallone’s Diet: a.k.a. The Italian Stallion Diet

Fancy yourself as a lean, slim-hipped, red hot Latin lover? Try Sylvester Stallone’s anti-ageing, high energy, vegetarian diet. Sly lost 7 pounds (3.2kg) in just 2 weeks on the diet, without feeling hungry. You may lose even more than this, depending on your starting weight and lifestyle.

Girls can follow the diet too, but cut out the treats and drink, only half the alcohol allowance!

DAILY ALLOWANCES: 1/2 pt skimmed milk for your tea and coffee, unlimited water and mineral water, 2 glasses dry wine OR 1 beer or lager. Calories: 300.

Now choose ONE Breakfast, ONE Lunch, ONE Supper, and THREE high-energy treats every day.

BREAKFASTS (200 Cals):

Fresh fruit salad: chop 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 kiwi fruit, 1 large slice of melon, 1 orange and top with 2 tbs natural yogurt.

Muelsi: 1-1/2 oz unsweetened muesli with milk from allowance, 1 apple or pear

Wholemeal Toast: 2 slices wholemeal toast topped with grilled tomatoes and 1/2 oz grated low-fat cheese.

LUNCHES (300 Cals):

Rocky Pasta Specials: 4oz any wholemeal pasta, topped with one of the following sauces: 4 oz mushrooms poached in 1 can low-cal mushroom soup, with l/2oz grated low-fat cheese; 1 large can tomatoes, herbs, garlic, topped with 2 tbs sour cream and chopped chives; 1 small (5oz) can baked beans, pinch of curry powder, chopped tomatoes, 1 tbs yogurt. ADD large, mixed salad with lemon juice dressing.
Rambo Sandwiches: Make triple-decker sarnies using 3 small slices wholemeal bread with a choice of fillings from this list: chopped tomato, onion and parsley, 1oz grated low fat-cheese mixed with 1 tsp tomato sauce; sweetcorn and 1 tsp sweet pickle; 1 tbs baked beans with cucumber and lettuce; 2 tsps peanut butter. There is a lot of energy in peanut butter, so go easy.

SUPPERS (400 Cals):

Stallone Macaroni: small can (7oz) macaroni cheese, grilled tomatoes, 1 slice wholemeal toast, large mixed salad, 1 banana.

Sly’s Tofu Treat: stir-fry chopped carrot, parsnip, swede, and onion in a little oil with 1/2 tsp ground ginger until tender. Add 4oz tofu, cut into small squares, squeeze of orange juice and 2 tbs drained kidney beans. Heat through for 5 minutes and serve with a large mixed salad and crusty roll.

Italian Aubergine Bake: cut one large or two small aubergines in thick slices. Place in an oven proof dish, in layers, with tinned tomatoes, herbs, 1oz grated low-fat cheese. Top with a layer of wholemeal breadcrumbs and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes. Serve hot or cold with 1 tbs plain boiled rice, a large green salad and low-calorie fruit yogurt to follow.

Hollywood Veggie Feast: Chilled low-calorie tomato soup, wholemeal roll with a grilled vegetable/bean burger, broccoli, carrots, 1 tbs plain boiled rice, fruit salad with grapes, melon, and raspberries.

Potato Special: 10oz jacket potato, baked in microwave or oven, served with a large portion of vegetables and salad, and ONE of these toppings: small can (5oz) baked beans, 1oz grated low-fat cheese; small carton Eden Vale Reduced Calorie coleslaw, 1tsp mixed nuts; 2tbs sweetcorn mixed with 1 egg scrambled in a little milk from allowance. ADD: 1 carton Fromage Frais.

Daily Treats Options (100 Cals each):  A few small treats are allowed, but do not make it a habit. Never go over the limit, and try to go a few days a week without any treats if the weight is not coming off.

  1. 1 large banana;
  2. 1 wholemeal salad roll;
  3. 1 large digestive biscuit;
  4. 2 wine gums;
  5. 1oz jelly babies;
  6. 2oz your favourite ice cream.

Do not be fooled into thinking that this is what Sly Stallone always ate. This is just a slimming diet that he used early in his career. To build muscle, more protein is required. If you are struggling to lose weight, reduce the high Gi items, such as the baked potato and boiled rice, and eat more leafy green salads.

4 Comments on “Sylvester Stallone’s Diet: a.k.a. The Italian Stallion Diet”

  1. wine gums and jelly babies have gelatine in……….

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    That is true, if you are a strict vegetarian then obviously skip these snacks, or find a vegetarian alternative.

  3. There are many errors in this post, I thought it was vegetarian.. Milk, icecream, yoghurt and cheese? come on guy’s correct it.

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    It would have been a vegan diet if dairy produce could not be eaten.

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