Stephen Fry’s Diet and Exercise Regime

Stephen Fry Book Signing by vpjayant
Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry had been very overweight for a long time, but this year he has lost a staggering 6 stone, and looks like a new man. He looks fit, healthy, and there is a spring in his step again. It is as if the fat old quiz master has hopped into a time machine and returned as the cunning young Jeeves. In one QI episode Stephen Fry made a comment about weight gain and diet, saying it was all very simple – people only ever get fat as a result of the things they shove in their mouths. Wise words Mr Fry!

Fry is possibly the most intellectual British actor / television presenter, so therefore should understand well the need to keep in shape. He used to mock gym goers, but has now admitted that he is loving his new healthy lifestyle. He has also said that he feels that exercise and weight loss is helping with his depression, which he has been suffering on and off from for many years now. So, how did the mighty Stephen Fry lose weight and change his life?

Stephen Fry’s Weight Loss Secret

Fry has lost 6 stone (86 pounds) in about 6 months. His method, what he describes as his DIY Diet, is shockingly simple.

In the first month Fry stopped eating bread, cakes and sugar, and started walking. Both Bruce Lee and Dr. Atkins advocated a zero tolerance to refined flour and sugar in a diet. Bread makes us fat.

Fry now walks everywhere, within reason. If he has an appointment and it is 5 miles away, he will walk it. And then walk back afterwards. Walking, although not the best form of exercise, is still an excellent way to lose weight. Fry passes the time while walking by listening to narrated novels on his iPod.

After the first month, Fry felt healthier, more alert, and had lost some weight, so he carried on. He stopped eating red meat next, to keep saturated fat levels to a minimum.

The diet is really simple. Avoid refined flour and sugar, cut back on saturated fat. This forces you to eat healthier, as all those calories that are usually eaten in bread and cakes have to be replaced with fruits and vegetables. Eating low GI foods is recommended. For ideas, look at the allowed foods in the later stages of the Atkins diet.

As for walking, just walk everywhere if possible. Get some comfortable trainers and these will last years if only walking. Walking for an hour can build up a sweat, so wear lose fitting clothes, ideally some sort of wicking shirt.

Stephen Fry is now down to about 15 stone, which is pretty good for a 6 foot 3 chap in his later middle age. Stephen Fry is living proof that you are never too old to change your habits, to make yourself a fitter, healthier and happier person. Well done Jeeves, we look forward to forthcoming diet book!

What Stephen Fry can teach us about getting Fit and Healthy

Stephen Fry is a British institution. Here in this video he discusses a range of topics, starting with technology and social media (Twitter and Facebook) and going on to talk about education, art, friendship, personal development, ego and life in general.

He makes so many interesting and important points. When talking about ego he speaks about how so many people are too focused on themselves while at the same time expect others to help them. His example of this is in American talk shows where members of the public whine about life not being fair, that they do not have all the things that they want. His answer is simple – “shut up!”.

He discusses the way people interact with each other and how the Internet provides everyone a way to interact, and to give.

“One of the most wonderful things you can be given in life is the ability to give”.

By this he means that everyone wants to be in a position to be able to give, whether it is money, advice, time, skills – to be able to give back in some way is the greatest pleasure. This was one of the reasons why was founded – to help empower you to get fit and lose weight.

Near the end of the second video he talks about the importance of testing, trying, finding out things for yourself. This is of course especially true for health and fitness.

“Authority comes from the validity of information. To be open, free, and not come from any threat”.

Many people seek answers to their health problems, especially obesity, and simply believe the first, or loudest, answer that they find. This is the reason why so many fitness fads and diet scams are so popular is simply because people grab at the first thing that promises to provide an answer.

So why I have I posted this to a health and fitness blog?

To be healthy you must find your own personal healthy lifestyle. Although this will be similar for most people, it does not have to be the same. No rules apply. While one person may be a vegetarian that runs every day, another may enjoy meat and practice martial arts. Both can be very healthy so long as they live a balanced and sensible lifestyle.

Only through education, learning the facts to empower yourself to take action, to try new things, to test and be ready to change and adapt when things do not work, will you really achieve results.

“Chasing an answer is fatal. The worse thing you can do in life is set yourself goals.” Stephen Fry.

Many people set themselves unrealistic weight loss goals and are then upset when they do not achieve them, so much so that they give up completely!

It is not uncommon for someone to set a goal of losing 10 pounds in one month, and then “only” lose 5 pounds in a month and call it a failure to lose weight, state that it is “impossible to lose weight” and stop trying completely.

To be healthy, to lose weight, to get fit, the key is to just keep going. Work at it every single day and do not concern yourself with how long it will take.

it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop” Confucius (Chinese philosopher).

Make that your motto for healthy living. Never give up, keep moving forward, one step, one day at a time. But grasp every opportunity as it comes, be willing and ready to change your approach, be critical of your success, always strive to be better, try new methods and use what works for you. But above all, just keep moving forwards.

Stephen Fry has suffered from weight problems in the past. He was addicted to sugar as a child and used to beg, borrow and steal to get his sugar fix. He has talked about his problems in his autobiography, The Fry Chronicles. He has managed to control his sugar addiction in time, but for many years that addiction was replaced with nicotine. Stephen Fry was in fact the last man to be given the title Pipe Smoker of the Year before the British Pipesmokers’ Council ended the awards in 2004.

Stephen Fry has actually taught us even more about fitness and sport in his autobiography, The Fry Chronicles. In it he talked about Hugh Laurie and shared his memories of when Hugh was training to be an Olympic rower.

Photo by vpjayant – Stephen Fry at a book signing event at the Apple Store in London on 3 February 2009.

5 Comments on “Stephen Fry’s Diet and Exercise Regime”

  1. Joanna Prosser says:

    Well done Mr Fry – you are an inspiration and the thought of listening to all those books I have meant to read and haven’t whilst exercising is a brillant idea. I must invest in an ipod and get losing 6st myself.
    Thank you for this basic instruction.

  2. Jericho Morton says:

    Fry’s amazing self directed healthy eating weight loss should have an Adam Curtis made about it. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 (at least) had emergency changes made about him being fat and diabetic and this and that. Johnny Vegas – weight loss, just keep going and people KNOWN to us for being fat in the media – perhaps because they are fat – are all getting fit now in a matter of a few weeks. Just healthy eating it seems. I am sure they have all been eating fish, I can smell it. My God can I smell it…and it is not fresh. I wonder if it is time for the war on fat folk to begin? They use up all that energy and produce all that carbon in their farts. They are clearly planet killers. Soylent Green anyone?

  3. Good work about the diet. I was suprised that it was so simple. It shows that the commonly accepted principles for weight loss are garbage. It’s about the type of food, not the amount of food.

    Walking isn’t just about the calories. It’s also about reducing stress, which causes false cravings, and reducing the opportunities for a snack.

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Exactly Jon. When it comes to eating, we really do eat too much, especially when bored or inactive. When exercising, you do not feel hungry, some sort of hunters instinct must kick in so that you do not feel the need to stop and eat. Losing weight is staggeringly simple – eat less, exercise more.

  5. I agree with the “walking” part. I was overweight since my pre-teens. Then in my mid-20s I moved from New York to California. Because of the hot weather, you cant get away w/ hiding your flab. Plus I didn’t have a car anymore. I began walking everywhere for starters. Then I went to the local clubs everynight dancing. Plus, knowing that I had to fit into a tight outfit at night, I became more self-conscious of the calories i was putting in my body during the day. [u don’t have to go to clubs; can socialize elsewhere, even bars or elsewhere, but do something to stay on ur feet]. Then finally my naturally skinny model/dancer friend helped me w/ a simple detoxification called the ‘master cleanse’ which was cheaper than other detoxes. Finally, went from 160 lbs to 105 lbs. [I’m a short female]. I later stopped going to dance clubs & detoxing & maintained the weight by continuing to walk, even for groceries. Also, I avoid frozen, microwaveable, packaged foods (even the ‘healthy’ kinds). I even eat huge deli sandwiches, but from a local organic grocery store that makes them fresh & preservative/hormone-free. And I try to eat them early in the day to burn off better. I never did any exercises and only gained weight when I went to the gym, so stopped. There was also a time where I ate strictly seasoned frozen vegetables which I’d pop in the microwave [only exception I made w/ frozen foods], stayed home sitting on my behind to study for an exam, and couldn’t gain weight! Not to mention it was easier for me to mentally absorb & memorize the material. But on days i would eat meat, while sitting & studying, I lacked in concentration & gained weight. Right now I just eat everything fresh & walk.

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