Snooki Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

Snooki weight lossSnooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) has now lost a staggering 40 pounds since becoming a mother. The Jersey Shore star has transformed her body to a slim and toned frame, all after giving birth to her son Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle. Her secret? Simple really – she focused on healthy living!

Snooki was never huge, but she was overweight for her height, which is only 4 foot 8, after sjhe had a baby. Snooki explained to Dr. Oz that she lost all her weight in just 6 months. This was all in 2013. More recently, she has share further “secrets” about what she has been up to to maintain her post-baby weight loss.

Snooki spoke rather casually about her feat: “If I can lose 42 lbs. after giving birth six months, I mean, anybody could do it. You just need the dedication, and you need to want to have your body back.”

Snooki’s weight problems were largely down to her party lifestyle. Before having a baby she used to drink too much and this would often result in binge eating and far too much junk food. She also gained more weight during pregnancy.

40 pounds in 6 months sounds like a huge amount, but this is actually only 1 1/2 pounds a week, which is very possible for everybody if you really work hard. However, it is important to also note that much of her weight gain was during pregnancy – she told People magazine that she actually gained 40 pounds during pregnancy, which suggests that she was not really all that overweight beforehand.

Her secret? Healthy eating, calorie controlled diet, and daily workouts with a personal trainer.

Snooki Fitness Workouts

Snooki does some exercise every day, but her most intense workouts are done with a fitness trainer. She trains with an instructor four times a week, when she works her whole body for a full hour, and then following every hour long workout, she does an hour of cardio exercise.

Her regime really is nothing out of the ordinary and the only “secret” really is that she works hard to get good results. So. nothing new really, just another person who is really dedicated to built a fitter, healthier and stronger body! Well done Snooki!

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