Kendall Jenner’s Diet And Workout Secrets

kendall jennerKendall Jenner, who is famous partly for being little sis to Kim Kardashian, and partly in her own right as a up-and-coming supermodel, certainly has a body to be proud of. And let’s be clear, as with all fit celebrities, she works her butt hard to keep it that way. Let’s take a look at some of her fitness and diet secrets.

Low Carb Diet

Kendall follows a pretty standard low carb diet, which involves avoiding high GI carbs such as bread, cakes, pastry, cookies and refined sugar, and instead focuses on carbs from healthy vegetables, some fruits and nuts.

Kendall says that she follows a paleo style diet, which also includes plenty of lean meats, fish and other natural, unprocessed foods. Good quality, lean beef, chicken and eggs provide all the proteins that her body needs.

She eats a lot of raw vegetables and fruits, which provide energy, vitamins and help to keep her feeling full. the body takes longer to digest raw vegetables, so rather than getting a sugar spike and crash, you feel full and invigorated for hours after a meal. She loves apples and strawberries – who doesn’t?

Kendall also enjoys some green tea, and reportedly drinks up to 12 cups a day. While some health enthusiasts swear by green tea, there is not really any real evidence to support it as anything other than a relatively healthy source of caffeine, with a few antioxidants.

Plenty of Sleep

Kendall gets lots of sleep – it is true that sleep helps keep us beautiful! She aims for 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night, which is really the level we should all aim for.

Exercise: Running

Kendall’s preferred method of exercise is to run. She has been seen running on many occasions – it is a great way to keep fit and lean. She also enjoys some cardio workouts. She does not really hit the weights, preferring to stay very slim and slender.

Photo by Disney | ABC Television, CC Licence.

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