Barack Obama’s Workouts and Diet – Basketball, Running, Healthy Eating

Barack ObamaBarack Obama looks to be one of the fittest president’s that have ever been elected. He admits that during the campaign trail he bummed the odd cigarette, but he is generally very healthy, eating well and exercising regularly. A workout forms part of his daily routine.

“I tend to be a healthy eater. So I probably could get away with cutting my workouts back a little bit. The main reason I do it is just to clear my head and relieve me of stress. It’s a great way to stay focused.” Barack Obama, 2008.

Obama really bucks the trend in many ways. There have been reports that the fact that he is so slim and fit, this may actually alienate himself from much of the American voting public, as current figures report that 66% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. This figure is rising. How can Obama represent this large group?

How does Obama keep in shape and stay fit?

Obama runs everyday. Cardio fitness plays a large role in maintaining his slim figure. He does not carry much muscle, and has almost no excess fat. He runs approximately 3 miles everyday that he can.

Exercising often is essential when on the campaign trail, as it is with any work that requires a lot of travelling. People that travel with work have a notoriously poor lifestyle, with meals at fast food restaurants and greasy spoon cafes, snacks eaten on the hoof, plus irregular sleeping habits and lack of time and opportunity to exercise.

Obama the Gym Rat

During the summer Obama was even described as being a “gym rat” when he visited one Chicago gym three times in one day, exercising for almost 3 hours in total. An Associated Press reporter said that “sometimes it’s hard to tell if Barack Obama is running for president of the United States or Mr. Universe.” It is easy to see why Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fan. However, saying that, there were probably steam rooms and pools at the gym in which to relax, and get away from the prying media for a while.

Obama the Basketballer

Barack Obama with his basketball team at Punahou School in HonoluluObama is also a big basketball fan. Even today, on Election Day, he was reported to be letting off steam on the basketball court. He has been a lifelong basketball player, was a member of his high school’s varsity team, and still plays as often as possible.

The photo shows Barack Obama, seated at center, with his junior varsity basketball team in the 1977 yearbook of the Punahou School in Honolulu.

“Barack Obama is a wily player of pickup basketball, the version of the game with unspoken rules, no referee and lots of elbows. He has been playing since adolescence, on cracked-asphalt playgrounds and at exclusive health clubs, developing a quick offensive style, a left-handed jump shot and relationships that have extended into the political arena.” NY Times, June ’07

He also played a game with US troops during the summer on a visit to Afghanistan, and joked that he plans to replace the White House’s bowling alley with a basketball court. Maybe it was not a joke?

Obama Running For President

Obama mostly just pounds away miles on treadmills at hotel gyms to maintain a high level of fitness. He has the physique of a long distance runner, in that he carries little muscle or fat. He is lean, he is agile and he is fast. Basketball has taught him to think quickly on his feet, and can turn any attack to his advantage. He will make a great president for America.

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  1. Fitness advice for Obama says:

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave some fitness advice to Barack Obama:

    Do squats for his skinny legs and biceps curls to beef up those scrawny little arms.

    Obama’s camp pointed out that Schwarzenegger might not know it, but Obama is pretty fit.

    The governor poked fun at Obama’s lean physique last Friday as he campaigned for Republican nominee John McCain in Ohio, where Schwarzenegger’s annual bodybuilding contest was being held.

    As we know, Obama was working out 45 minutes a day during the presidential campaign. On Saturday morning in Las Vegas, he hit the fitness center at Caesar’s Palace.

  2. he is the fittest !!!!!!

  3. Ha ha ha!!

    Obama’s program is all cardio.

    He’s the Queen of the elliptical

    Ha ha ha

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