Prenatal Yoga Two-Angled Posture

o    Stand with feet shoulder width apart, as your tummy grows widen the legs apart to accommodate the tummy.

o    Grasp the hands together behind the back and lean the head back slightly. If this is too difficult leave the arms loose behind the back.

o    Breathe in and on the next out breath bend down from the hips lowering the chest towards your legs, moving the arms up over the back. Relax the head and neck.

o    Hold the position for about 20 seconds breathing normally through the nose.

o    To come out, raise the head a little and on the in breath, slowly lift the chest and lower the arms. You may find it easier to place the hands on your legs for support when you come up, avoiding pressure on the tummy.

o    Give the arms and legs a small shake if you like.





This is the 3rd posture in the prenatal yoga workout session 2.

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