Weight Loss Clubs May Be The Best Way To Lose Weight

Studies have shown that for some people the best way to ensure that they lose weight and keep it off is to join a weight loss club. This news is great news for Weight Watchers who run the most popular weight loss club in the World.

Compared with people that are guided by their family doctor, members of Weight Watchers lost on average twice as much weight. It seems at least that a doctor’s advice is not as effective as group therapy.

One of the key elements to losing weight is staying motivated. For many people weight loss is more a battle of the mind than a physical hardship. Information on what food to eat to help lose weight is freely available and exercise plans and fitness workouts are also provided for free by many websites, including MotleyHealth.com. Where people find it hard to cope is maintaining the early momentum. A few naughty snacks and a week with no exercise and suddenly weight loss turns back into weight gain.

The result of this study is helping to form a partnership between the British National Health Service and Weight Watchers. Currently the system is being tested by a handful of family doctors. Doctors can now refer overweight patients to a Weight Watchers club so that the overweight can receive the best advice and support that is currently available.

Dr Jebb from the Medical Research Council who reported the study pointed out that Weight Watchers itself is not the solution and that all weight loss clubs are in fact very effective. Also some online weight loss communities really help people to lose weight without the face to face meetings.

The reason why weight loss clubs are effective seems to be good old fashioned peer pressure. Every week you get on the scales in front of the rest of the group to see if you have lost weight. For many people the fear of not losing weight is enough to ensure that they keep on their diet and do their exercise.

Not everyone is suited to weight loss clubs though. Many men prefer to go it alone, following online weight loss programs and fitness programs which teach you how to exercise correctly to get fit as well as provide nutrition and healthy eating advice.

If you do not want to join a club, then another study showed that women who workout with a friend do better too. The key to success really is motivation. If you are motivated to lose weight then you will stay on track and be successful. You have to be passionate about it, work hard and persist. These are 3 of the 8 secrets to weight loss success.

Weight Watchers Embarrasment As Floor Collapses

In January 2010 a Weight Watchers club in  Sweden was in the news for a slightly embarrassing reason – the floor of their meeting room collapsed where 20 members gathered. The story appeared in Swedish newspaper, The Local. At a weight loss clinic in the town of Vaxjo, Sweden, the floor of the room gave way as members of the Weight Watchers group gathered.

This minor incident did not deter the dieters though as they managed to rescue the scales and perform their weekly weigh in.

It is of course very easy to make fun of this incident, even in today’s politically correct society. However, we must stress that Weight Watchers do a fantastic job in helping people lose weight. Group sessions provide information, moral support and motivation for those wanting to lose weight.

Research has now shown that weight loss is mostly reliant on diet, and not so much on exercise. Being overweight makes it harder to exercise, however, this does not mean that exercising reduces weight in a major way. Metabolism does increase, but not enough to trigger weight loss on a large scale.

You need to reduce your calories to lose weight, eat healthy foods and most importantly, stick to the plan. This is where support groups work so well. Often when you join a gym you are left to exercise on the machines by yourself. You receive almost no guidance and when you start to lose the motivation to carry on there is no-one to help you out.

With support groups such as Weight Watchers you not only learn about healthy foods that will help you lose weight, you meet people on the same journey as you. Through a combination of healthy eating ideas, support and peer pressure most people do lose weight with Weight Watchers and similar groups.

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