Laura Trott – Olympic Cycling Legend With Quirky Diet!

Laura TrottLaura Trott is fast becoming our new new Olympic hero. She was born in 1992,. stands at 163 cm tall and is from Cheshunt in England. She is currently leading the Women’s Omnium and looks set to win her second Gold medal of the Rio 2016 Games.

Laura suffers from asthma and acid reflux, both of which she needs to carefully manage during training and competing. Another undiagnozed condition has caused her to pass out during a trampolining session when she was young, which prompted her to try cycling instead. And her acid reflux often causes her to be sick!

No Fruit Diet!

Laura Trott says that she hates fruit – she cannot stand the texture. She says that strawberries need a wax – they are too hairy! She does love milk though, and will sometimes down a whole pint in one go.


For breakfast Laura eats Special K, sometimes with a crumpet or bagel. She follows her breakfast with two hours cycling, so needs those carbs to fuel her morning workout.


Lunches varies, but are usually a quick meal, such as beans on toast (a classic British snack – she probably has Heinz beans) or an omelete. Lunch needs to be light, easy to digest, and provide more energy for the afternoon workout.


For dinner she gets her proteins, and often eats baked tuna. On Sunday’s she treats herself to a classic British roast dinner, such as roast chicken, pork or beef. She also loves Chinese food.


She told ‘I use a Thermomix which lets you throw in lots of ingredients and does all the hard work for you,’ By the sounds of this, this is how she gets most of her veges – all blended up and cooked.

Trott’s Treats

Laura admits that she has a few treats – with all the work she does she can afford it! She loves Lindt chocolate and chocolate oranges!

Here’s a fun interview with Laura Trott:


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