Ian Botham’s Diet and Healthy Living Tips

Ian Botham is a British cricketing legend. He used to be captain of the England cricket team and is one of the best all rounders that the game has ever seen. He almost became a pro soccer player instead though, as he was offered a place on the Crystal Palace FC team. After a long cricketing career he now lives in Yorkshire and is enjoying semi-retirement. This week he spoke with the Daily Mail about his healthy lifestyle.

Charity Walks to Keep Fit

He is still extremely fit and says that he can walk 1000 miles in a month, and has done so during the many charity walks that he does. He keeps fit by walking everyday in the Yorkshire countryside, something that he finds infinitely more enjoyable that exercising in a home gym.

In 1985 he did his first long-distance charity walk, which was from John o’Groats on the northern coast of Scotland to Lands End on the southern tip of Cornwall in England. A total distance of 900 miles.

During the past 25 years he has raised more than £12 million for charities across the UK.

Sir Ian Botham – Honorary Doctor of Science

In 2007 Ian Botham was knighted by the Queen for his charity work and sporting achievements.

In 2010 the University of Lincoln awarded Ian Botham an honorary Doctor of Science. In 2008 Leeds Met university awarded him with an honorary doctorate of Sports Science, and in that same year the University of Bath awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws.

Dr Avi Shankar informed the University of Bath during the awards ceremony that, “Sir Ian has since raised more than £10 million pounds for various charities including Leukaemia Research.”

Beefy’s Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Walking for fitness is possibly the most important tip. He can walk 33 miles a day should he need to and still run up the stairs.

Although he does not believe in the “5 a day” mantra he does eat mostly healthy fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats.

He takes a daily cod liver supplement to keep his brain and joints in good working order.

He does not eat sweets or desserts, but does enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer. He is also partial to Cuban cigars, so it is certainly not all about good health!

Pressure Makes a Kettle Whistle

When asked about coping with stress and depression, he says that being negative is a weakness and you should always be positive about all things.

When asked about the mental pressure of being a top class sportsman he replies “pressure makes kettles whistle”. Harness the pressure and focus the energy and you become stronger as a result. A lesson for life there.

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