Tuesday Workout

7 minute circuitPart of the 7 Day Exercise Plan.

It is always good to start the week with a logical plan, so for this reason we shall do the Scientific 7-Minute Workout, but with a twist – we will do it as a circuit.

In the 7 minute workout you perform each of the 12 exercises for 30 seconds with a 5 second rest between each.

Today we will perform the same exercises, but for a set number of reps and then repeat the workout so that the overall workout is closer to 15 minutes. See the 7 minute workout for exercise instructions.

This workout includes several static exercises: the wall sit, which is a squat against the wall; plank and side plank.

  • Jumping Jacks (Total Body): 20
  • Wall sit (Lower Body): 30 seconds
  • Push-up (Upper Body): 10
  • Abdominal crunch (Core): 20
  • Step-up onto chair (Total Body): 10
  • Squat (Lower Body): 10
  • Triceps dip on chair (Upper Body): 10
  • Plank (Core): 30 seconds
  • High knees running in place (Total Body): 20
  • Lunge (Lower Body): 10
  • Push-up and rotation (Upper Body): 10
  • Side plank (Core): 30 seconds

This is 120 exercises plus 1 1/2 minutes in static holds. The only equipment needed is a solid chair. Step carefully onto the chair to ensure it does not move or topple. Stand up straight on the chair before carefully stepping off. Aim to complete at least three circuits and note the time to beat next week.

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  1. Erica Mobley says:

    Hello and thank you for sharing! specifically Tuesday and Saturday (and I believe sunday) did not have the printable link version. do you happen to have?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Will look into that, must be somewhere …

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