Victoria Beckham Looks To Dr. Nicholas Perricone for Weight Loss Advice

Posh BecksWhen Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice if you prefer) was expecting her fourth child when she was 37 years old she is started to worry about her weight.

To combat this she has employed Dr. Nicholas Perricone to guide her during and after her pregnancy. He is a skin specialist (who is possibly most famous for his “7 Deadly Sins of Skin Aging“) but also advises on fitness and nutrition for weight management.

Victoria Beckham has always followed a very strict diet to manage her weight. She has often been accused of being too thin, but she does work hard to keep her body fat percentage low.

Yoga Workouts and Fish Based Diet

As part of her new fitness regime Victoria Beckham is doing yoga workouts, with an emphasis on prenatal yoga as her pregnancy develops.

She is also eating a lot of fish which provides a healthy source of protein to maintain muscle tone and essential fatty acids that form part of a healthy diet. Good nutrition is essential during pregnancy as it is important for not only the health of the mother but also the developing baby.

Nicholas Perricone – Weight Loss Diet

In 2005 Nicholas Perricone’s book Weight Loss Diet was published which provides a weight loss strategy that is based on good nutrition. Dr. Nicholas Perricone says that a diet book is a natural extension to the research that he has done on anti-aging. The core is on nutrition to maintain total body health and to keep the body strong and toned.

Main 3 foods are:

  • Salmon – for proteins and anti-oxidants
  • Blueberries – anti-oxidants
  • Green Tea – miracle tea with anti-inflammatories

Dr. Perricone also recommends taking supplements to help you to lose weight without depriving the body of essential nutrients.

You can learn more about green tea, blueberries and salmon here at MotleyHealth, just search the index.

Importance of Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

It is important to remember that pregnancy is very demanding on a woman’s body. Although women can continue to exercise throughout much of their pregnancy, in fact some exercise is recommended, it is still important to remember that a healthy diet is vital, for both mother and baby.

Over the years more research has started to indicated that what a woman eats and how much a woman eats during pregnancy can impact on a child’s health. Apart from the obvious risk of alcohol other foods pose risk to healthy development. One study has linked a woman’s diet with changes to a baby’s DNA which could increase the risk of obesity in later life.

In the research that was carried out by scientists from the UK, Australia and Singapore it was found that if a mother gains too much fat during pregnancy a baby could be at increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease in the future.

“Our findings suggest a substantial component of metabolic disease risk has a prenatal developmental basis. Perinatal epigenetic analysis may have utility in identifying individual vulnerability to later obesity and metabolic disease.” Godfrey et al, 2011.

However, it is not just gaining weight that is a problem. The research also led to a theory that women who consume a low carbohydrate diet, or simply a diet low in sugar during pregnancy, could also be putting their children at risk of becoming obese.


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  1. News upate says:

    Celebrity culture is an unusual thing. Many people look to celebrities for inspiration and guidance, and the media and magazines profit from reporting on what celebrities are wearing, how they are staying in shape, and what they are eating.

    In 2008 a celebrity magazine suggested that Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice) took slimming pills to maintain her size zero figure. Now Posh Spice is suing the magazine over the claims. The magazine also claimed that Vistoria’s sister was trafficking the pills from the UK to her LA residence.

    There are young girls out there who will think it’s cool to take slimming tablets. Things like that are dangerous and we were furious with it.” Victoria Beckham.

    We hope that she wins this battle. The press needs to become more responsible on how they report such stories, even if they are actually true (which appears not to be the case here) as too many people are influenced by what they read.

    If the claims that Victoria Beckham took weight loss pills lead to just one teenage girl developing an eating disorder, then that is certainly one person too many.

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