Jimmy Carr Lost 3 Stone By Not Eating At Night

Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr revealed in an interview with Graham Norton that he had been on a diet. Jimmy Carr is a small guy, so it was a real surprise to learn that he has recently lost 3 stone (42 pounds, 19kg) through a diet and fitness plan.

Graham Norton asked how he managed to lose so much weight, and also where he was hiding the weight before he lost it. Jimmy admitted that he would get suits tailored to help disguise the bulges. However, to lose weight he simply stopped eating in the evening.

No Food After 6pm

Jimmy Carr would eat all his meals during the day and eat nothing in the evening. He even went on to say that he did not reduce the amount he ate each day (although this is a little hard to believe!). He claimed that he ate the same amount every day, but just had a bigger lunch.

Can this “diet” work? It really does not make any sense. By consuming all your calories at once, you will flood your body with sugar which will have to be taken up and stored by fat cells. Then during the longer period without food, which will be over 12 hours a day, your metabolism will slow down.

Losing weight in such a regime seems unlikely, unless he did actually reduce total calories without realising.

For example, many people who gain weight do so as a result of snacking. Many people eat 3 meals a day, and these meals provide all the nutrients and energy that they need. However, add a few small snacks and you suddenly exceed your daily calorie requirements. By not eating anything at night you greatly reduce the chances of having a late feast on unhealthy snacks, something that many people do while slumped in front of the television.

So Jimmy Carr’s diet plan may simply helped him to reduce snacking. It is nothing magical, just one of the many different ways to reduce calories consumed throughout the day.

Losing weight is really as simple as that – we just need to consume fewer calories than we need. The reason why so many people think that there is more to weight loss than a simple equation of food in being less than energy used is because when people try to reduce calories they fail and so do not lose weight. Just about every single person who says that their diet did not work actually ate more food than they should have eaten.

If you decide to lose weight by following a diet it is absolutely essential that you follow the diet properly. Do not cut corners or make small modifications, just follow the diet instructions and stick to the plan. For each day that you cheat you fail to lose weight.

3 Comments on “Jimmy Carr Lost 3 Stone By Not Eating At Night”

  1. Pauline Berkeley says:

    I can reveal that it can work no food after 6 just wáter if thirsty if desperate some soup. I gradually went down a size clothes no longer uncomfortable. A walk every day and sensible with certain foods gradually lost weight in places you forget ie shoes not so tight.
    Try it but be patient. Treat yourself to something once a month I did not think I was on a diet thats the key to it all.

  2. How long did it take?

  3. MotleyHealth says:

    Not sure, by the sounds of his interviews, it is a permanent change (i.e. no food after 6pm). I guess it took as long as it took, but the lifestyle change is permanent. It was not a quick fix.

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