Ciara Eats 5-8 Small Meals a Day

Ciara in 2009
Ciara in 2009

Ciara was recently photographed in a revealing brown dress that showed off her perfectly toned body.

Ciara is a popular singer who has produced several albums including Goodies, Ciara: The Evolution, Fantasy Ride and most recently Basic Instinct.

She was born in Austin, Texas in 1985. She spent a lot of her childhood on military bases in Europe and around America as her father was in the US Army.

Ciara’s Diet For Weight Loss

To manage her weight Ciara eat 5-8 small meals each day. This helps her to prevent hunger while still providing the body with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. The many small meals also keep metabolism raised.

Diet is focussed on eating low GI vegetables and fruits, healthy green salads and wholegrain rice. Protein plays a large part in her diet as they ensures that she maintains healthy muscle mass while exercising and practicing hard.

Favorite meal? Possibly spaghetti with wheat pasta, ground turkey and a light tomato sauce.

Who didn’t she lose weight? Ciara admitted trying the Cayenne Pepper diet, which involves drinking a Maple Syrup style drink with extra pepper to help lose weight through severe calorie restriction. This is similar to the crash diet that Beyonce did before filming Dreamgirls. She told OK! Magazine:

“I could not get past the idea of drinking what that stuff looked like. I attempted to, but I was like, ‘I just cannot do it’ because I love food too much. It would be so hard to take away physically eating food. Drinking a liquid would not work for me.”

Seeing that Beyonce said that she would not recommend such a diet to anyone, it is no surprise that Ciara avoided such a fad way to lose weight. The main problem with fasting diets is that they result in muscle wastage, and muscle gives shape and boosts metabolism.

Ciara’s Fitness Workouts

Ciara is proof that her figure is down to hard work. She exercises for 1 hour every day, working on bodyweight exercises such as squats and lunges which tone the thighs and butt and burn a lot of calories at the same time.

Light Weight Training Workouts

Ciara likes to work her whole body with a light weight training workout. In addition to squats and lunges she will do chest and shoulder presses, lateral pull downs, curls, rows and leg work.

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