Andrew Garfield’s – The Sushi Spiderman

Andrew Garfield plays SpidermanAndrew Garfield is currently best known as for his role as Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. Eduardo Saverin is the Brazilian-American that helped Mark Zuckerberg develop Facebook.

However, soon he will be famous for his role as Spiderman. Andrew Garfield is replacing the lean and ripped Togey Maguire in the new Spiderman film The Amazing Spider-Man which is due out in 2012.

Recently Andrew Garfield was photographed in his Spiderman costume, and he seems to be getting himself in shape for a physical role. Director Marc Webb has been getting Andrew Garfield to do plenty of action sequences to get him used to the work ahead.

Andrew Garfield’s Diet

For his role in Never Let Me Go he went on a strict diet to lose weight. He apparently ate a lot of sushi, which is a high protein, low fat and low energy food. He lost around 7 pounds in 2 weeks on this diet, which is a lot of weight to lose for someone already quite lean.

However, his eating habits are not usually like that. In

Normally, I eat loads, and I eat awful food – I love chocolate and burgers and bread and pasta. I should be obese, but I’m not somehow.

Maybe Andrew Garfield just has those lucky genes – some people really do. This may not be entirely in his favor though, as it could mean he finds it harder to pack on muscle, something that bodybuilders call “hardgainers” – simple people that find it very hard to gain muscle from weight training.

If he plans to bulk up more for the role of Spiderman then he needs to get started as soon as possible. He needs to swap his usual unhealthy diet for a lean diet high in proteins, rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables, and full of quality energy. Then he needs to start working out and lifting weights. Latest news is, News is that he has already started.

Andrew Garfield Spiderman Workout

As well as changing his diet Andrew Garfield has also quit smoking so that he can train harder. His fitness training actually started with a daily Pilates workout to improve his strength and flexibility to ensure that the more vigorous training ahead does not lead to injury.

However, the main workouts are now to increase muscle mass. His approach to weight training is not unlike that of Christian Bale’s preparations for Batman, although he is unlikely to put on so much muscle as Spiderman is a leaner superhero than Batman.

This form of weight training is designed for quicker results, but requires a vigorous daily workout with weight training exercises such as chin-ups, squats, clean and press, chest work and lots of arm training. In addition to this is there will be plyometrics, such as clap push ups, squat jumps, box jumps and also sprint training to improve speed and power.

Garfield’s hard work for Spiderman was revealed by Emma Stone, his co-star and Peter Parkers love interest, on the Jay Leno show. She told Leno that one day Garfield asked if he could tag along with her on a training session so that they could bond a little, but she refused. When asked why she said “because you can lift a car and I am a weakling beyond belief“. They share the same fitness trainer.

However, Andrew Garfield has said that he will be developing a new Spiderman and not just replacing Tobey Maguire. He has said that Spiderman is just a teenager in the comic books, someone that is still slightly boyish in some respects and still developing. So he does not plan to bulk up for the role, just to be fit and lean, like all healthy and active teenagers should be.

The latest photos from the film show that Garfield is looking very muscular and toned. Abdominals, chest, back and arms are all bulked up and he still looks lean. He is certainly not as lean as Brad Pitt managed in Fight Club but he is looking in fantastic shape all the same.

Andrew Garfield is not a natural fitness fanatic though. He said that his father put him off exercise at an early age, as he was a swimming coach and Andrew quickly rebelled against the whole idea of sports and fitness at a young age. However, maybe some of his fathers advice and attitude to sport and fitness did rub off on him, as he has certainly managed to transform a weedy looking Eduardo Saverin into a super-hero Spider Man!

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  1. It’s interesting that Garfield’s Spider-Man outing has his training focused rather different than all other action roles. Most of the time, the actors need to bulk up and look pretty on the screen, not that Andrew isn’t cute to some, but he needs to be flexible, strong and have the right endurance for this role.

    Lucky, he’s lean already.

  2. veggiedude says:

    Both Christian Bale and Tobey McGuire were and are vegan. This actor is a departure in that respect.

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