Patrick Stewart’s One-arm Push Ups Proves He Is Still Dr Armstrong!

Patrick Stewart one-arm push ups
Patrick Stewart performing what could be a one-arm push up during the 2014 Super Bowl.

You may know Patrick Stewart for his work as a Shakespearean actor,  Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the SS Enterprise, Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men, or as the fire officer in an episode of Coronation Street in 1967 (OK, that was a piece of trivia that few readers outside of the UK will actually know!) but did you realise that he was such a true superhero?

One of his lesser remembered roles was Dr. Armstrong in Lifeforce, a 1985 sci-fi film, but this is certainly a role which proves that life imitates art. Patrick Stewert, almost 30 years later, has demonstrated that he is still Dr. Armstrong by performing one arm push ups (which wearing a Seattle Seahawks shirt during the superbowl). Both Patrick and his friend and colleague Ian McCellan posted selfies to Twitter during the 2014 Super Bowl. Ian wore a Denver Bronco’s shirt and Patrick chose a Seattle Seahawks.

OK, so we cannot see that he actually performed a one-arm push up as so many other websites are claiming. In fact, to do a one arm push up you really need to twist your body so that your centre of gravity is over one shoulder, otherwise you will topple over.  But just holding your body solid in a plank position and raising one arm up in a superhero Superman pose is an athletic act for the average person.

Patrick and his friend Ian McCellan
Patrick and Ian McCellan enjoying the game, with a soccer ball!

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Patrick Stewart’s diet

We do not know much about his usual diet, but in May 2013 he did eat his first ever piece of pizza at the age of 72 years. He explained to the New York Daily News that it was Sunny Ozell’s suggestion that they had a pizza and a “soothing drink” to help cure a hangover – and it worked.

In 2011 he spoke with Rosanna Greenstreet in an article in The Guardian and revealed that his most unappealing habit is slurping liquids, although he did not specific which sort. Soup, gravy, beer, whisky? Who knows!

Of course, since marrying a woman much younger than him in 2013 he was reportedly eating all sorts of new foods, according to the popular Grub Street (OK, I had never heard of it either). One of the new foods mentioned is kale (see Five greens you must add to your diet for more kaley stuff), lots of vegetables, Suchuan style food, dumplings, coffee and “good wine”. He implied to Grub Street that he was feeling good, and was happier for the change.

Patrick Steward is still a young 73 year old chap and in amazing shape. Great to see that he not only absolutely loves his work but also has a great sense of humour and is in great shape too.

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