Yoga That Takes You Beyond the Realms of Death

Treelady Studios, Paul Werkmeister, March 2015
Treelady Studios, Paul Werkmeister, March 2015

Listening to loud music can actually help you to relax. Anybody who has ever had a metal phase during their teenage years will probably testify – listening to some old school heavy metal is a great way to unwind and relax. But listening to metal won’t get you fit. For that, you need yoga …. or, maybe combine the two?

There is a yoga instructor in Pittsburg by the name of Kimee Massie and She Sells Sanctuary. There is no need to Run to the Hills for some rest and relaxation; instead you can get some Metal Health right in the heart of the concrete jungle.

Metal puns aside, what’s the deal? Will Heavy metal yoga really act as a Painkiller from Beyond the Realms Of Death? Or is it just another short-lived fad that will Fade to Black and be discarded at the Cemetery Gates? Don’t get Caught In The Mosh for your weekly fitness fix, there’s a Revolution Calling and it’s a Tornado of Souls at the Witching Hour, and it’s called, Metal Yoga! Sorry, I did it again.

Black Yoga classes

Kimee’s Black Yoga classes are based on the Vinyasa form of yoga and the music played is chosen as, according to Kimee, it “shakes up your chakras”. She has been teaching since 2012, and is setting a new trend. Where Kimee leads, others are following.

Other than the choice of music and absence of brightly colored yoga pants, in the classes the standard yoga asanas are done in sequence – although I suspect the Corpse Pose is popular.

The BLACK YO)))GA Meditation Ensemble has been formed, founded by Kimee and her husband, Scott. They are hoping to release a Black Yoga video later this year.

Proof once again that Peace Sells and that it is possible to be fit and healthy, both in Heaven and Hell. Here’s to Metal Health! Have a Quiet Riot in your yoga studio. Remember to take it easy to start with, otherwise you might Black Out. ;)

Next week: We investigate the new fitness fad of Running With the Devil.

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