Warroir II Yoga Pose – Virabhadrasana II

Start by standing with feet 3-4 feet apart, turn the left foot 90 degrees to the left and the right foot 10 degrees to the left. The pelvis will automatically turn 20-30 degrees to the left.

Stretch the arms out in line with the shoulders and legs.

Lower your weight, bend the left knee and hip, keep the palms facing down and the shin perpendicular to the floor.

Warrior II Yoga Pose - Virabhadrasana II

Keep the arms and shoulders in one straight line, look toward the left hand.

Keep the torso straight and perpendicular to the floor, do not bend the knee more than 90 degrees and keep the leg muscles firm.

Hold this position for 30 seconds and change sides. To come out straighten the left leg and bring the back leg forward.

This posture works the muscles of the legs, back, chest and arms.

Hatha Yoga Postures: Sanskrit – English

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