Uttana Padasana – Extended Fish Yoga Pose

Start in the supine position lying flat on the floor. Place the hands in between the buttocks and the lower back with the palms facing down.

Lift the chest and abdomen as high as possible placing the crown of the head on the floor, supporting the posture with the upper extremities (arms, elbows, forearms, clavicle, scapula) without applying pressure on the neck. This posture helps to open the chest, works the inner hip muscles and requires a strong neck, release the pose in case of any discomfort.

Release the arms from underneath the sitting bones, placing the hands next to the hips. Lift both legs up together, using the arms for support. Then raise the arms up with the palms touching.

Uttana Padasana - Extended Fish Yoga Pose

To come out lower the arms and legs down and release the neck bringing the back down to the floor.

Hatha Yoga Postures: Sanskrit – English

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