Step-by-Step Instructions on How to do the Headstand Yoga Pose

How to Do the Headstand Yoga Pose

Start by placing yourself opposite to a wall. Sitting on your legs, bend the elbows and place hands on opposite arms.

How to do yoga headstand

Lean forward and place the elbows down perpendicular to the floor.

How to do yoga headstand

Without moving the elbows open the lower arms into a triangular shape, creating an 80 degrees angle. Keep fingers interlocked.

How to do yoga headstand

Place the crown of the back on the floor supported by the hands. Keep the hands on the back of the head.

How to do yoga headstand

Straighten the knees and walk towards the body, raising the upper body.

How to do yoga headstand

Lift the legs up balancing the legs on a wall to start with until you can balance your body up without falling onto your back. Bring both feet away from the wall keeping the knees up straight. Breathe normally and concentrate on the breathing for balance.

Sirsasana - Headstand Yoga Pose

Keep the pressure away from the head supporting the body weight mainly with the forearms. Hold this posture for about 3 to 5 minutes to obtain maximum benefit. To come out drop the legs down gradually and rest in the child pose for at least 10 seconds.

The Dolphin posture push up is a good way to strengthen the arms in preparation for the headstand.

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