Rishi’s Posture – Yoga Pose

Rishi's Yoga Posture Start in a standing position with the arms down and relaxed, place feet wide apart with the toes facing forward.

On the next inhalation lift the arms outwards to shoulder height with the palms facing down.

Exhale and lower to torso down placing the right hand on your left ankle, shin or knee, twisting the back slightly. Raise the left arm up with the palms facing you.

Hold the posture for about 30 seconds, breathing normally. To come out release the ankle and lower the left arm down, placing each hand on each ankle, so that the torso is centred.

Place the hands on the waist, inhale and lift the torso up to a standing position. Walk or jump the feet together. Repeat on the other side for the same length of time.

The Rishi’s posture helps to stretch the legs and the back.

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