Purvottanasana – Reversed Plank Yoga Pose

This posture helps to strengthen the core muscles, legs and arms.

Purvottanasana - Reversed Plank Yoga Posture

Start sitting down in the staff posture with the legs straight in front of you, feet together but not touching, arms straight down behind you, shoulder width apart, palms facing down and fingers pointing forwards.

Place the soles of the feet on the floor, bend the knees, exhale and lift the sitting bones away from the floor, moving the whole body up until it is in a straight line, keep the spine in line with the legs. As you go up you may have to adjust the legs in order to straighten them one at a time. If this is too difficult you can keep the knees bent. Keep the arms almost perpendicular to the floor.

Relax the neck down and open the chest and shoulders. Breathe normally, holding the posture for about 30 seconds.

To come out, gradually bring the pelvis down into a sitting position. Relax the arms and legs for a few seconds.

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