Prenatal Yoga Angled Flank Stretch Posture

o    Stand with the feet over a leg length apart

o    Turn the right foot to the side and the left foot facing forward.

o    Breathe in and on the next out breath bend the right knee slowly until the knee is directly over the heel, keeping the shin straight.

o    Place your right elbow on the knee or place some blocks next to the right foot and lower the hand down.

o    Pull the left shoulder back as far as you can and stretch up the left arm with the palm facing downwards and turn the head to look upwards, alternatively you can place the left hand on the waist and look straight ahead.

o    Hold the position for about 20 seconds, breathing through the nose holding the left arm back to keep a straight alignment.

o    To come out, bring the left arm down towards the right knee or floor and pause for a second. Place your hand on the thigh for support, breath in and push up out of the posture, alternatively place both hand and knees on the floor and stand up from that.




This is the 4th posture in the prenatal yoga workout session 2.

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