Padahastasana – Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose– Uttanasana C Start standing upright with your arms lengthened at your side and feet close together. Position the hands in prayer position. Keep the feet parallel and spread out the toes, keeping the body weight spread evenly across the feet.

Take a deep breath in and lift the arms up, open the chest and bend backwards slightly.

Exhale and fold the torso down from the hips, place your hands on your ankles. Keep the legs straight and hold this position for about 30 seconds, breathing normally.

Inhale, raise the gaze and straighten the back again, while the torso is still folded, then exhale and lower the chest even closer to the legs.

Hold your big toes with your thumb and first two fingers, holding for another 30 seconds. Keep the shoulders open and relaxed.

Then place the palms of your hand under your feet, holding for another 30 seconds.

To Come out, release the hands, inhale and lift the torso up slowly. Lift the arms up above the head, exhale and bring the arms down to your side.

The Hands to Feet Yoga Posture helps to stretch the legs, back and hips.

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