Karnapidasana – Ear Pressure Yoga Pose

Lie down on the floor in the supine position, breathe in, bend the knees and lift the legs up and over the torso on the out breath, while supporting the back with both hands. Place the knees between the head and stretch the arms down. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed.

You can also start this posture from a shoulder stand position by just bringing the legs down and positioning the knees between the head, bring the arms down behind you or keep them supporting the back.

Hold the posture for about 30 seconds, breathing normally. This posture is a powerful back lengthener and requires good body flexibility. If you cannot touch the knees to the floor comfortably, place the hands on the back for support.

Karnapidasana - Ear Pressure Yoga Pose

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2 Comments on “Karnapidasana – Ear Pressure Yoga Pose

  1. N.S.Vasan says:

    im 47, have severe hearing problems big tinnutus, balance prob, take psychatric medicines

    Aslo.used to wear help of hearing aid..now i dont use that too. Hearing quite problematic. pls advise set the set of asanas how to do it sequence wise and the gap in food i need to take. i need advice badly. Thanks for the same in advance.

  2. Hello N.S.Vasan, we cannot prescribe asanas for hearing problems. You really need to speak to your regular doctor.

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