Corpse / Relaxation Yoga Pose – Savasana

Lie down on the floor with the feet shoulder width apart and relaxed. Arms down and relaxed along side the torso with the palms facing up. Inhale and stretch the arms, legs and feet, then return to a relaxed position and close your eyes.

Corpse / Relaxation Yoga Pose – Savasana

Keep the head straight and elongate the neck slightly, keep the shoulders down and relaxed. Breath normally through the nose.

Relax the hips and abdomen, keeping the natural curve of the spine. Also relax the facial muscles, including the chin, eyes, and forehead. Keep the lips closed and relax the jaw and the tongue. Try to relax the whole body and concentrate on the breathing, emptying the mind of any unpleasant thoughts.

Hold this posture for about 5 minutes. To come out gradually start to bring back movement to the feet and hands. Rub your hands together and bring the palm of your hands to eyes. Open the eyes and stretch the arms and legs. Exhale and turn to one side, breath normally and on an exhalation lift the torso up to a sitting position using the arms for support as you sit up.

The corpse yoga posture helps to relax the body and prepare for meditation. It can be practiced at the beginning and at the end of a yoga session.

You can also choose to modify this pose by bending the knees or placing the hands on your abdomen and turning the head to one side or you may prefer to relax on your side.

You can also place a cushion under your lower back, knees and neck for extra comfort. The important thing is that you are able to relax.

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