Bidalasana – Cat Stretch Yoga Pose

Start by sitting down on your hands and knees.
Keep the arms and legs perpendicular to the floor.
Knees hip width apart and hands shoulder width apart.
Inhale and curve the lower back down towards the floor, open the chest and shoulders and look ahead.
Bidalasana - Cat Stretch Yoga Pose

Exhale and curve the back up towards the ceiling, starting from the lower back followed by the upper back. Bring the crown of the head towards the floor and relax the neck down.

Repeat these movements consecutively for about 10 breaths. Keep the movement in harmony with the breathing.

This posture helps to release lower back pain and massage the back. Especially helpful during pregnancy. See our pre-natal variation of this posture.

Bidalasana - Cat Stretch Yoga Posture

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