Bakasana – Crane Yoga Posture

This yoga pose may look challenge but it is rewarding.

Start from a standing position and kneel down with the knees opened, wider than the hips, and the feet few inches apart.

Lean forward, bend the elbow slightly, touch the floor with your hands, keep the arms between the inner thighs.

Stand on tip toes and raise the hips, like in the downward facing dog.

Place the knees and shins into the armpits, with the thighs along side the torso.

The lower legs press the upper arms down and the upper arms press the lower leg up.

Exhale and push the body forward, raising the feet from the floor, focus the gaze on a fixed point to keep the balance. The weight from the torso will be on the upper arms. The torso should be contracted and the back curved.

For a more advanced pose, straighten the elbows with the knees close to the armpits, keep looking at the floor or raise the head a little to look forward.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds. To come out, exhale and lower the feet down to the floor into a squat position.

This posture helps to tone arms and hands. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles and internal organs.

Bowel pressure is said to ease by the regular practice of this posture.

    You can also benefit from practicing this pose even if you cannot hold the posture at first. If may take some practice to be able to keep your balance.

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